Review: Innisfree Season 2 Melting Foundation *Wordy Post ;-D

TGIF! ;-D I mentioned Innisfree Melting Foundation on several previous posts, so without further ado, here are the details. I just have to say though that I feel giddy just thinking about Lee Min Ho = Innisfree…Yay! my recent splurging is so worth it, I should have gotten more! LOL*

One of my recent makeup purchase straight from Seoul (thanks to Mommy Wendy) is the Innisfree Melting Foundation. It’s Season 2 because it accounts for Cool and Warm undertones for shade/color choices. Photo Credit: Screen Capture from Innisfree Korea website.
Product Description: This melting foundation, formulated with Jeju natural mineral powder, offers comfort to your skin even after makeup and its abundant moisture form 100% prescribed Jeju organic green team water in lieu of distilled water moisturizes your skin as it gently adheres to it, presenting a natural coverage, and transparent complexion. 
Innisfree Mineral Melting Foundation Season 2 SPF 32/PA++ sells for 20,000 KRW ($17.55 or Php 750) in Seoul. Please note that I got it before my formal, so to speak, basic make-up artistry class from MUD-Manila, so relying only on google, and verifying from others that indeed the color of my veins from the Vein Test are bluish, I decided to go for C2. Hmmm…please read on if I got the right shade.
Based on this color choices, I opted to get C2. Naturally, among other things, probably 2 out of 3 parameters (Vein Test, Silver or Gold, Eye Color)  on determining my skin undertone, I’m more likely to be cool-toned. I’ll leave it as such. The important takeaway is that in getting a make-up shade for the first time, it’s best to try and to test it. That’s the best measure of shade suitability.
I don’t generally use the included puff/brush, but this one I love. It’s the same as the Laneige’s Snow BB Soothing Cushion, which both Innisfree and Laneige under Amore Pacific. The blue puff is love….it doesn’t absorb the foundation so what you get will all go to your face,  and it’s blue so you can see how much or how little you use, so it makes it more economical. With gentle patting motion, it makes do for a great blender. P.S. Puff Photo from the website. My puff is dirty, I haven’t cleaned it yet when I took the photos. Boo me.
Directions: Apply an appropriate amount onto makeup puff and gently pat starting from the inner to outer areas of your face. 

Top Left: Without. Bottom Left:With. Right Photo: Set with SkinFood Gold Caviar Moist Fitting Cake. 

It leaves a flawless finish with a natural/light to medium buildable coverage. It is easily absorbed, so it feels lightweight. I usually categorized my skin type as oily/combination, but for dry skin (and I get that too sometimes), I recommend lavishly moisturizing before using this to get a great flawless finish less dry patches. There’s a light powdery scent to it too. It’s okay, it’s unremarkable once it’s applied all over. Every so often, I skip setting it with a powder, it’s okay too. It lasts all day, even when I had it for a super sunny fieldtrip. ;-D Best of all, I like that it didn’t break me out…hmmm must be that Lee Min Ho  Mineral, Jeju and Green Tea goodness packed in the product for ingredients. ^_^

Several FOTD posts with it. Nice. ;-D These are over-used photo/s from previous posts. I’ll update this asap. ^_*

Here’s the catch, I think I should have gotten Shade C3 instead. At first swiped, it will leave me a bit whiter, but fret not, after a while, the colors leave on naturally, almost veil-like, it’s what the premise of the product in the first place, “natural cover”. I learned from my recent class, that Luview Crystal Cover BB Cream, which I thought of as having a darker shade, is the shade that is approved per se by the MUD-Manila instructor, as per its suitability to my skin tone and undertone after actual testing, so I’m better of getting shade C3 for the Innisfree makeup lines. Anyhow, it the risk in buying online without testing the actual product first.

Overall, the Innisfree Season 2 Melting Foundation with the right shade is a winner. The packaging is superb with a lid separator between the formula and the puff. It has a quality mirror too to speak of. And then there’s the blue puff, it’s super nice, I’m wowed. Plus, in Seoul, it’s less than a thousand pesos, that’s nice…a little goes a long way anyhow. Here, you can buy the first season of Melting Foundation online from BHappywithme for about a thousand pesos, fair enough. I just have a growing penchant for Innisfree, in fairness net of Lee Min Ho LOL*, it’s another Korean brand that I’m loving. ;-D 


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