Slimmed.Shaped.Be Body Beautiful.

Wacoal says…”Be Body Beautiful at Any Age!” So True. ;-D

Wacoal Shape Vest is love, love, love…seriously! ;-D 

Product Description Shape Vest (SRP:Php 1895): Provides a firm support that lifts the bust and supports the back for better posture.  Reinforcement fabrics are placed at different areas for proper support.  Creates a smooth and sleek silhouette for your outerwear.

O.O.T.D. ForMe. Zara. Accessorize. Debenhams. Secret to an instant slimmer me, Wacoal’s Shape Vest!Yay!
White doesn’t flatter me much. Without. With Vest photo on top.  Thank goodness for Wacoal’s Shape Vest, I don’t look as big. LOL*
With Wacoal’s Vest Shape, Bandeau, and Seamless Hipster Panty (Php 495) for the smooth and sleek silhouette.  I love!  ;-D Although, I don’t recommend the boy leg seamless panty if you have a hearty thigh like yours truly, it rolls. sad. need to lose weight for real. diet.diet.diet. exercise.

I know, this is superficial! But what am I to do?! I have a hearty appetite, plus a genetically slow metabolish (LOL*). I can only do so much. For the mean time, I reach out for Wacoal, it sure flatters me. Cheers! ;-D 
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