Nail Salon Woes

Hello everyone! TGIF! ;-D Today was a super productive day, plus I did another FOTD, I’m thoroughly practicing my recent MUD (Make-up Designory) Manila training. Yay! It’s such a great day, except on my way to an interview, hubby agreed to drop me off, only he was apprehended by a Makati Traffic Police for unloading me in a supposedly no unloading zone! Uh, oh! So sorry Hon! Grrrr…anyhow, I’ll save that drama for later. Anyhow, last night, being new in the area, we had to scout for shops to do my boys’ (hubby and son) haircut, remember we adore Tony & Jackey in Marquee Mall, but with no T&J nearby, we ended up going at David’s Salon in 5th Floor of MegaMall. I took this time, to had my toe nails done, and indulged in a bit of foot massage at the same time. I wanted to try Nail-a-holics, even Beauty and Butter, there’s POSH Nails too. For the previous shops, I needed to wait, so I went to look for the shop that they can do my nails pronto! And so I went to shop T, it’s a bit expensive than the rest for Php 280 for a pedicure. I’m consoling myself that it’s okay since the seats look and feel plushy. And then … my woes began. Never again!

The shop doesn’t have an available Orly in Reddish Shade. They had Misa Nail Lacquer instead. 
Misa TA09 Hand Spun Silk. It’s a bright red. 
NOTD. All done. It’s the first time I heard of Misa, it seems okay. 
Misa apparently has several color choices, which is a Vegan Nail Color Brand. The Hand Spun Silk Bottle sells for $7.50 in the US. 

The lady doing my nails was chatting non-stop to her colleague. I was hoping to get a quiet time, but No-T! I was worried that she’ll get carried away in her chatter and she’ll overdo trimming my cuticles. I had to remind her. And this too, remember, that most of the nail salons now do a little foot massage in between, she applied a little foot lotion, barely touching my feet, and then quickly spritz on alcohol, and that’s it! She went on to paint my nails, and then quickly let me wore my FitFlop™. And then, she left,  nonchalantly. My Gosh!

I should have seen it, while most are full, this shop is almost empty. 

Overall, I will not dare going back again. I’m just crazily craving for some pampering time, and this is the part that I so miss Angeles City living, with Ate Fe (our friendly-neighborhood nail technician a la manicurista) doing manicure and pedicure effortlessly at very friendly price. Anyhow, I’ll just remain faithful to my favorite nail salon as an alternative to getting it in Manila, instead of waiting for a Pampanga trip. I should have waited for a trip to The Nail Loft. I went on to try their pedicure two weeks back, it’s for Php 170 with the works…foot wash, scrub, massage, and ORLY nail colors! I’ll be sure to document my trip next time. Oh well, you win some, you lose some.

I don’t really like to dwell on negative things on my blog, but I just wanted to give you a heads up, in as much as I don’t mind giving second chances, this is a friendly reminder to read between the signs (not to generalize, but if it’s awfully quiet in there, hmmm…there must be something amiss! Read reviews! LOL*). This is a call for continuous innovation and change, never settle, because we want our hard-earned money well spent, and the progressive shops/brands, even relatively new, are more than eager to please. That’s all. *_^


  1. Expensive tapos ganyan.. Tsk.tsk. I had a bad pedicure experience din but it's my fault na I went to that place kasi they're focused more on hair tapos sa katamaran ko pinagsabay ko na hair cut and pedi ayun, nasugatan ako at alam ko naman pero tinitingnan ko kung sasabihin sa akin ng nagpepedicure. deadma. Natataranta siya kakapunas dahil dumadaloy ang dugo. I swore na di na ako magpapa-pedi doon. It's a known salon pa naman…


  2. @Mayet: So true. The owners/management hopefully do something about the training of their people and catch up with a friendlier and service-centered approach. :)@Gellesh: Oh, sad noh! Grabe! I think even though it's not their main competence the mere fact they're offering it, they need to have a well-trained staff to do it. 😦


  3. Having a foot fetish for many years, I can tell you this: You have beautiful feet!Love the nail color!Don't worry about that place…. There are many other shops out there vying for your business. Look around and you'll find one that meets your needs.


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