Giveaway: 10 Mathemagis Singapore Maths Gift Vouchers

Hello everyone! To my dear mommy/daddy readers, I’m inviting you to join my summer giveaway in partnership with Mommy Joanne of Mathemagis. Make our kids, 4-12 years old, get up close and personal with the rudiments of Mathematics with the revolutionary approach of Singapore Maths. Take this for a benchmark, with Singapore Maths, this is an easy breezy math problem to solve…

Lauren spent 20 percent of her money on a dress. She spent 2/5 of the remainder on a book. She had $72 left. How much money did she have at first?

Hmmm…what’s that? I always dream of Chase as a Math genius of some sort (LOL*), so this might be it, a gift of Math Achievement. Seriously, with the right mindset and an approach, Mathematics is a joy to conquer and to master, instead of dreading it. Join me as we gift our kids with a starter session at Mathemagis Singapore Maths Center located at Katipunan Ave., Quezon City.

Study Area
10 Recipients of One Gift Voucher.
Traditional Math vs. Singapore Maths. Learn more about Singapore Maths at www.mathemagis.com

This giveaway is open to Metro Manila Residents, who are committed to visit Mathemagis’ Quezon City Center.ย 

Entry submission will end April 30, 2012, Local Time (Philippines).ย 
Complete the requirements, and bonus entries if you like.ย 
Earn entries via the Rafflecopter.
10 Recipients of Gift Vouchers.
ย Maximum of one voucher/child.ย 
If you have more than one child who is qualified to participate, I suggest registering another parent/guardian’s name in their behalf.ย ๐Ÿ˜€


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  1. I am joining for my nephew Marcus Raven, He is 8 years old and loves Math so much. He would even create math questionnaires and gives us/(adults) exams to answer every now and then. Rachelle Therese F. Gonzalesdimplesgon[at]yahoo[dot]comhttps://www.facebook.com/dimplesgon/posts/392640230757498


  2. Math is my son's favorite subject in school. He said with Math there's always specific answer and you can't just make a guess or else everything will go wrong.Elijah Leonard O. Ame7 years oldhttps://www.facebook.com/michelle.ame/posts/403716659646274michelle_ej08[at]yahoo[dot]com


  3. How I wish there are Math classes for adults! I am terrible at Math! In college, we used to joke around when someone asks us to compute something, \”Kaya nga kami nag-English Major, ayaw namin sa Math!\” XDI wish dati pa nauso tong technique na to, noh? Maybe then, I could have learned Math well… =D


  4. My 9 yrs. old daughter likes to excel in school but she seems to have a little difficulty in math. I think it's the way they teach it in school (the old style method). She always tells us that she's poor in math coz. there are times that she would get a low but passing grade. I want to erase that notion in her head so I hope to win this so that this would help her excel even in math.Name: Carol OngEmail : rolter2002@gmail.comChild's Name: Nicole Daphne OngAge of Child: 9 yrs. oldFB Link: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=272331139528077&id=1396561222


  5. My daughter dreads MATH lessons. By using colorful drawings and figures during our homework session, I was able to encourage her to see that Math can be enjoyable as well.emiliana.sison AT gmail.com


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