How to Create a Budget for Your Family

*Post written by Leslie Branch for the readers of Chic & Sassy Homemaker.

Planning out a budget requires cutting back on activities you and your family enjoy. It requires sad, but honest truths: no more video games; say goodbye to expensive trips to the movies; and forget about going on vacation. Each item you cut out requires a personal sacrifice from someone in the family. It may hurt your little ones, but these necessary reductions help save money and may even save your home.

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Some individuals may need to budget better to help save up for a home; others do it for emergency purposes. Whether you’re looking to save more or prepare for an emergency, creating a budge can make a financial move easier for you and your kids.


Students earning an MBA accounting degree may know the ins-and-outs of planning a financial future. For everyday folks, financial planning can present a series of challenges, but that’s where software comes in. From a simple iPhone app to a more complicated financial software or spreadsheet program like Excel, you can help manage your money much better than before.

Sure, you could do things the old fashion way—via paper and pencil—but software like an application can measure all your expenses and give you tips of how to save. With the popularity of the smartphone, thousands of Americans can better prepare their financial future with just a few swipes or clicks.

Know Thyself

Software aside, you have to know a bit about your spending tendencies and future goals. What do you hope to save up for or help avoid? Is it the dream home you plan on purchasing or the retirement fund you help to pad before your 50th birthday? Everyone’s financial goals will require different spending reductions and investments to achieve. From the future retiree to the next new car, you might need to make spending adjustments to your suit your lifestyle.

What’s Necessary and What Isn’t

Necessity bills—mortgage, car payment and phone bill—lock up your funds. These bills take priorities over unnecessary spending, i.e., movies, trips to Vegas or a new computer. Review the money locked into loans and long-term payments and see how your unnecessary bills can help repay those locked-in debts.

Here’s where it helps to have software on your side. With a few clicks and a couple swipes, you can understand just how much of your money is spent on necessary items and how much is wasted on excess spending and where reductions can be made.

Add in Cheaper Substitutes

Budgeting requires sacrificing some hobbies you enjoy. That doesn’t mean you cannot find suitable substitutes to take the place of your beloved past times. Instead of trips to the movies, stay home and rent a flick. With so many cheap, viable options—Redbox, Netflix and videos on demand—you can easily substitute a trip to the theater.

Wait to buy new electronics a few months after newer models release to save on the liquidated price. Purchase a certified, used car. Cook meals at home instead of ordering in carryout. Take a vacation somewhere locally. Find smarter substitutes that don’t require you huge sacrifices that you and your family enjoy.

Substitutes can help you enjoy the spoils of life but save money while doing so. Sure, you might not have a degree from a place such as accountingcertification.org, but you do have software, tips and motivation to get your financial future secured for you and your family.

Better Budgeting

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