I’m MUD-Manila Certified Part 1! ;-D

Hello! Happy Monday! I’m back after a brief hiatus. Anyhow, yesterday was super productive. I finally received a certification of some sort to be at least adept to do my own makeup. Thanks to my first-ever purchase from Deal Grocer, I indulged to a much needed 7-Hour Personal Make-Up Artistry Course at MUD Manila in Pure Beauty Serendra. I think I did okay, and with more practice, I have a bright future ahead. LOL*

Yay to Make-up Designory (MUD) Manila! ;-D 

The course was for Php 3900, one-day course, to enable newbie make-up enthusiasts like yours truly…

  • To enhance your facial features and assets
  • To choose the right shades and hues that suit you
  • To create and customize your make-up kit with the proper tools that fit your lifestyle
  • To learn the proper way of applying make up for natural look for the day & glamorous look for the night
The course required us to bring our own make-ups, tools, and accessories, if you have. If none, we were advised beforehand not to go on a rushed shopping spree, as it would be wiser to get the right sets of make-ups and tools after we’ve been trained per se. The objective of bringing your own was foremost to check the suitability based on skin tone, type, etc. So I brought the gang, Korean Cosmetics (SkinFood, The Face Shop, Innisfree, Luview, The Skin Shop, Lioele etc.) and plus plus (Majolica Majorca, Kate, Urban Decay, NYX) etc.). ;-D But since my major woe is doing my eye makeup, I made sure to bring most of my eye palettes, from Urban Decay’s and Majolica Majorca. 

We’re asked to set up our things at our designated make-up station. It’s pretty comfy sitting at MUD’s make-up artist chair. LOL*

Our instructor  is the esteemed Ms. Myr Lim. I’m wowed! …and that’s her with the mighty Beauty Blender, my now must-buy item plus among other things! ;-D

The first part was about our brows, and it’s not an easy thing to learn. In fact, it took us a lot of time to cover this part, at the end, although mine are still pretty okay from my last visit at Benefit Cosmetics Brow Bar, I still needed help from her to fill each one in. Oh, oh! And the second part, just before we took a break for lunch was applying a long lasting cream-based foundation. She checked what we had, I tell you, I only got a shade right of the three brands that I brought with me. For the day, we’re told to wear MUD Cream Foundation, super nice!

Beauty Blender + MUD Cream Foundation…for the win! ;-D This is an authentic Beauty Blender, it’s soft, fluffy, and bouncy. It needs to be damp, but not soaking wet. It picks up the foundation, without absorbing it, so a little of the foundation goes a long way. 
Mine is MUD Cream Foundation in YG2 shade, mixed with a MUD primer.  
I did mine with the Beauty Blender. I then set it with SkinFood Gold Caviar  Moist Fitting Cake. Yes, the Beauty Blender is IT!  

And it’s lunch break, oh, by the way, I got reunited with a friend from work that I haven’t seen in years, hence, the experience was twice the fun. ;-D Our lunch was at Conti’s.

After, it’s my most awaited part, eye makeup. And the model for this day make-up had to be me. Sweet! It was extra-nice, but at the same challenging because my benchmark was hers.

I dream of these Brushes. MUD love! She used these on me. And I got to try them too for my turn. I’m now a big fan of the mascara fan brush. ;-D
Demo on my Right Eye: Highlight/V: MUD Honeysuckle Shadow: MUD Pomegranate Eyeliner/Dropshadow: MUD Espresso  Mascara: MUD
Mine: Left eye make-up looks a-ok! So far, so good. ;-D

And now for the complete do…contours (my favorite and my must-master!), more highlights, blush, and lips. ;-D

Jawline, Cheeks, and Nose Contours: Try and try and erase blend using Urban Decay Vegan Palette Shadow Twice Baked and Smog; Blush: Cover Girl Instant Cheekbones Blush Palette; Lips: Laneige Shine Red. 
I just had to take the Instagram Version ;-D
A closer Instagram look. ;-D

The pomegranate shadow added color to my all-black O.O.T.D. It sets a great precedent for more colorful eye makeup endeavors in the FOTD’s to come, now that I’m braver to reach for colorful shadow shades instead of just going for the usual basic browns/neutrals. Naturally, I just have to practice, practice, practice! ;-D That’s all for Part 1. Please read on for Part 2… the night/smokey eyes make-up. ;-D


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