An Enchanting Easter Sunday *Pix Heavy

Hi everyone! This year’s Easter Sunday celebration was at Enchanted Kingdom. Chase’s last visit was a couple of years back. So relatively, the experience is something to look forward to. It was about an hour drive from Ortigas Center, but we did make a quick stop at the Paseo de Sta. Rosa. Chase was getting impatient, so we decided to take our lunch at the park. He just really can’t get enough of theme parks, and he was thrilled as ever.

Enchanted Kingdom’s Space Shuttle Max at Night. Hubby was bringing a tripod so he was able to play around with our camera.
Sunny Day at Enchanted Kingdom, hence for myย sunscreen overloading.ย ;-D Entrance for Kids is Php 320 and Adults is at Php 500 for the unlimited pass (excluding some rides such as 4D, Zorb). My brother in law and his girlfriend got the unlimited pass together with Chase. While we just got the Unlimited Carousel Ride a.k.a. entrance fee of Php 150/head.

Besides walking, we did a great deal of eating too. ;-D One will never go hungry in EK, the food stalls and a couple of food courts are all over. We spent about Php 250 per head for our lunch. Plus had more water and snacks. So that’s about Php 500 per head for food and drinks for budgeting purposes.

Chase conquered the Jungle Log Jam. ย He’s so brave. Although, he got a bit shaken after wards. I have to give it to him, I took this ride when I was in college.ย 

Chase & Mom along the scenic Brooklyn Place where Rialto Theater is located.ย 
Zorb Ball at Enchanted Kingdom near the Space Shuttle Max. We paid Php 50 extra.ย 
The 4D at Enchanted Kingdom is a must try! The Yogi Bear in 4D is awesome! Chase was laughing the whole time. It was a great treat for kids and the young at heart. We had to pay additional Php 60 each for the pass-holder and Php 100 each for the non-pass holder.ย 
ย Chase still enjoyed few of the kiddie rides.ย 
Enchanted Kingdom Wheel of Fate. Chase also took the ride. He was scared at first, but he eventually got used to it. ;-Dย 
Animal Encounter. With a Tortoise, and Owl, and a breed of snake that I can’t remember (anyone?). It was a great show. It was stationed in front of the Roller Skater in the Midway Boardwalk part. There were more shows happening alternately on different park zones.
Games for Php 50 each/per try are also all over. We didn’t win any. We tried just a couple of them.

Rio Grande Rapids was closed for the day. Too bad. We were prepared to get soaked! ;-D We decided to wait for the Fire Works Display, which was set for 8:30pm, before the park closing time. It was in front of the Space Shuttle, at the Spaceport area. Before the show, the mascots went to gather at the center to join the crown in watching, and for photo opportunities.

Chase harassing Eldar, the Enchanted Kingdom main wizard mascot. LoL*ย 

The Grand Carousel.ย 

Overall, it was a well-spent day in the park. ;-D If you’re up for a trip to EK, it’s best to check out travel expo bazaars every now and then to enjoy discounted passes. Most of our previous visits were discounted Ride-All-You-Can passes. But just in case, you can always go for the Php 150 entrance fee, if you’re not really up for all those adrenaline rushing rides a la Space Shuttle and the Anchor’s Away. ;-P ย That’s our first summer getaway, I hope for more.

How did you spend your Holy Week weekend? Please do share.


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