Be Body Beautiful at Any Age with Wacoal

Hi there! ;-D There’s a famed line that goes “true beauty comes from within”(Amen to it!) ;-D It’s generally applicable to several contexts, even to say… our undergarments. Until much recently, I thought it’s just a matter of being trivial, only to realize that splurging is befitting, because there’s a whole science to it. Yay! To my delight, I’ve been invited to join Wacoal and Nuffnang’s campaign, with this, I get to finally own a few pairs, plus I had the chance to meet several beauty and fashion bloggers. Not to mention, to have an enlightened perspective on the science behind our intimate apparels’ must do and must have’s. And I’m delighted to share some of them.

Product Briefing at the Wacoal Makati Office. Do you recognize the bloggers in attendance? ;-D
I own some nice pairs of undergarments. I’d like to indulge once in a while, foremost considering mostly their designs, and then their functionalities. Call me trivial yet again, but I feel prettier if I’m wearing a nice and a well-suited pair, and more pretty points if they go matchy-matchy. Accounting both the aesthetics and functionalities, here are more compelling reasons to invest in Wacoal undergarments.

Wacoal Human Research Science developed the “Spiral Aging,” a principle that women undergo three major physiological changes associated with aging throughout a 30-year period from 16 to 46, and that with these as turning points, women experience major changes in their physiques.

Wacoal’s scientific, hence functional approach on their designs, is premised on the Spiral Aging Pattern. Aging, generally speaking, is an irreversible process. Although we can delay it at some point a la aging Hollywood style, my mantra…Fabulous at 30ish!!! By way of 1. Observe proper diet 2. Exercise regularly 3. Avoid alcohol and smoking 4. Choose undergarments that will provide support according to body shape. With the latter in mind, Wacoal’s designs are attuned to the changing needs (size of breast, hips, and navel/stomach) of the body, so whatever age group we could belong, they create stylish designs that brings out the best in each one of us with the different underwear tailor-fitted to different age groups. 

True to Wacoals’ campaign, we can be Body Beautiful at Any Age! 
Be Chic! Wacoal designs underwear that emphasizes the shape of the breasts, waists and hips.
My group. Be Alluring! Wacoal’s designs are focused on brassieres with underwire, pads and side panels with reinforced fabric/bone and girdles.
Be Elegant! Here, designs are more of bras with wider straps and side panels to support breasts, shoulders and back.
True beauty comes from within…
Along the course of the presentation, we were showed some visual mishaps on wearing the wrong pairs of undergarments. And at some point, I had same mishaps, several even. I can personally speak on how they can make or break your overall outfit, not to mention your confidence level.

Size is important! Fitting is Crucial! 
1. Don’t neglect the fitting process.
2. Fit the bra and move around in it.
3. Try 2 or 3 items on instead of just one.
4. Bring along the clothes that you want to wear over your new undergarments.

So gradually, I learned to let go of being stingy, and to start investing in good brands, but still modestly priced, say not over Php 1K per brassiere. Naturally, with that price range in mind, I missed out on the goodness of Wacoal. And after trying them out…big mistake, huge(!) for not investing on them earlier. I have to say, Wacoal’s are truly worth it.

I have this Shape Vest! Nice one! ;-D As per my choices, I was able to take home 2 pairs of brassieres, this Shape Vest (love, love, love this!), and seamless panties. Super like! 

From the looks of it, Wacoal’s geared to be a lifetime bestfriend who brings out the best in you with its perfect fit, support, comfort and durability from high quality merchandise. I’ll be sure to get more.

About Wacoal

Wacoal Corp. is Japan’s leading manufacturer of women’s intimate apparel. Moreover, Wacoal is one of the world’s major intimate apparel brands. Since its establishment, the company has built a formidably strong position – particularly in mid-to-high-end markets – by developing products that offer the highest quality and value.

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