Sunscreen Overload

My belated warmest Easter greetings to y’all and a happy Monday too! It’s still holiday today for the Araw ng Kagitingan Commemoration, so more family time, but I want to check in with you briefly on how we spent our Easter Sunday, and elaborately on how I got carried away for the nth time on sun protecting myself. ^_^

I can never get enough of SPF and PA! πŸ˜€

Yesterday, we treated Chase to a trip to Enchanted Kingdom. It was a bright and sunny day, as in. So I made sure to layer all the SPF and PA rich products that I have. Sunscreen 101Β details SPF as aΒ Sun Protection Factor. Sunscreens are rated by the Sun Protection Factor (SPF) system which is mainly a measure of UVB protection. While PA stands for Protection Grade of UVA. There is currently no uniform measure of UVA absorption, so PA is only a rough indicator of the amount of UVA protection the suncreen offers. There are three grades, namely PA+, PA++ and PA+++, with the latter offering the most protection.

A word of caution though, some people like my mom, show sensitivity or allergic reactions to some of the active ingredients found on sunscreens, although not generally to all with SPF/PA, so I recommend doing patch testing just to be sure.

SkinFood Gold Kiwi Sun Cream. I just recently purchased this. Although I tried several Gold Kiwi Sun Cream with Β a lower SPF from my previous collaboration with SkinFood Ph, naturally I opted to get the full size of the sun cream offering the higher sunscreen protection. ;-D I lavishly applied it all over my face after my morning skin care routine. Β Review to follow.
The Skin Shop Iris Power Whitening Sun Cream. This is my go-to sun cream. I use this as a lotion, seriously applying it all over. My hubby, and son use this too, obligingly though, they just seem to don’t care, so I had to force it!Β 
Innisfree Mineral Melting Foundation. My new love from my recent Innisfree Seoul Shopping (sigh* dreams of Lee Min Ho!) LOL* I love the puff that comes with it, it’s the same as Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion’s. ;-D Stay tuned for more FOTD’s and detailed review. Β 
SkinFood Red Orange Sun Pact.Β I just had to reach for this and replace my handy Gold Caviar Moist Fitting Cake Moist with it. It was an extremely sunny day to walk in the park.Β 
Blistex Silk & Shine Lip Balm. Yay! Call me overacting, but I had to make sure I got some SPF on my precious lippies too. This glides on easily, with a translucent finish. It’s nice. ;-D I got this as a pasalubong/travel keepsake from the US.Β 
Did I tell you how sunny it is? Yes, I did! My son, Chase, all sweaty and flushed. While I’m still looking a-okay! ;-D Β We didn’t bring an umbrella, I was tempted to buy one, but the cheapest sells for Php 390.Β 
OOTD. Oakley Shades. Accessorize Beach Wear. FitFlop Positano. Lacoste New Shopping Bag.Β 

Call me trivial, but I’m no beach babe (in another lifetime maybe), so I don’t brave sporting a golden tan in a bikini. LoL* It’s just that I might be that one person who falls into “maganda lang yan dahil maputi” (pretty because of her fair skin), so I make sure to stay out of the sun sun protect. But I love outdoors too, if the opportunity presents, I don’t want to be a kill joy to my family, so I just made sure to do the latter to the highest degree of sunscreening possible. LOL*

Toasted. My Sunscreen buddies. ;-D

What’s your over-the-top story? What’s your sunscreen must have? Please do share. Have a great day! ;-D


  1. Hello Des,Thank you for all your help with the custom domain. You are a real star. I finally done it and it is currently in transition. Like you, Im quite a maniac when it comes to sun protection. (Although, you are much fairer than I am). Once again, thanks a tonsPeh Sun


  2. I currently use Snoe's SunTervention πŸ˜€ SPF 80 siya, Des! And it's locally available. Just like Human Nature, Snoe is another local brand I love now. ❀ Hope you find time to check out their products. Affordable and sulit. ;)PS: I have seen the Skin Shop's stall in SM Cubao pero parang wala naman nung sun cream 😦


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