Lacoste Shopping Bag

To my ever-dearest better half a la Daddy JB, thank you for spoiling me yet again! ;-D I got my early Easter gift. Ever since, I looted the FitFlop™ Happy Gogh in Black, Red, and Blue, I’ve set my mind on getting matching bag colors (IKR, how conventional, but it’s a good scheme to get hubby to get me more bags. LoL*) It worked! Except, I’m missing a blue bag. I was hoping to get another Longchamp Long Handle Tote bag, which I have in Red, but since the blue is a limited collection, it’s fine to wait for hubby’s next Europe trip for it. But yay, few days ago, after spending a day with Mommy Wendy, who’s in Lacoste’s shoes, bag, and watch, (I must say she likes Lacoste ;-D), I saw the New Classic Shopping Bag Line of Lacoste, and lo and behold, it looks Longchamp-esque. It’s even better, methinks, because it’s not as fragile, vs. my Red Planètes that seems to be easily stained. It’s lined, and can stand without a bag shaper.

What’s in a bag? Lacoste Shopping Bag is it! ;-D 
Lacoste New Classic Shopping Bag sells for Php 5,150 at SM Megamall Lacoste Shop.  That’s fairly reasonable. It took us two stores (Megamall and Shangri-la), and a second visit Megamall to get the Blue (Navy Blue Iris) color. 
It comes with Signature Croc Embroidery for the front pocket, and more Croc button one for each handles. Photo taken in a warm lighting. 
The bag is 100% PVC, which makes it low maintenance (my kind of thing). The interior is lined (that’s a big plus), comes with a zipper pocket, and two side pockets. It’s very roomy!!! I’m not fully on board with the brand loyalty just yet, so I’m still going for my Coach Lovelies (Wallet, Cosmetic Bags, and my Coach Poppy turned cellphone iPhone4s pouch), my makeup kit, my fave The Face Shop wipes, etc. It can still hold an iPad, plus a DSLR even! ;-D

Hubby asked me if I’m ready to jump ship to Lacoste as my mainstay brand, hmmm…we’ll see about that. But I won’t, for my sanity’s sake, be buying a Php 5K shirt just yet. Unless, it’s a gift. ;-D If that will be the case, I might have to oversee the laundering myself. LOL*

Anyhow, it’s Holy Thursday today, so wherever you’re spending the soulful respite of the Holy Week weekend, be at home, or out of town or out of the country, I wish you a Blessed Day.  


  1. Cute! I have a Lacoste but a black body bag without a zipper. Although it's relatively safe here in SG, I'm still not too inclined to bring it around if I'm lugging the Little One around. =)


  2. Dear Des,Thank you for your message and responding to my question about the domain. Could you possibly help this IT dummy a bit more. Do you buy your domain name first and then change the google setting? Would the layout still be the same? What about the old URL-Would my readers be directed to the new site. What about your host- I presume it still remains as blogger blog but just your new personal domain name? Sorry for bogging you with all these dumbass questions. You might be the answer to my queries. Thank you in advance for even reading these silly questions. Congratulations on your new candy. You deserved to be spoiled. The material in Lacoste seems to be more durable than Longchamp (the latter seems to fracture so easily with regular use, mine is falling apart from friction)Once again, thank you! Happy Easter to you too!


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