First Impression: Benefit Cosmetics’ Brow Bar

Happy Monday everyone! Yay, I look forward to many great things up ahead, especially now that all the moving hullabaloo is almost behind us. In fact, I’m quite fast to settle down, Day 2 onwards, I’ve been mall hopping, so much so, that I finally made my first ever trip to the Benefit Cosmetics counter in Rustan’s Shangri-la. But no haul just yet,  I was with hubby, bro-in-law, and girlfriend, and had just few minutes to spare before we’re off to the movie house. I just couldn’t say ‘no’ to try the brow bar, which is at 50% off the regular rate of Php 700 (as an opening promo). You ought to know, my brows can make or break my over all look, see here my brow woes. ;-D Until yesterday, I only had myself, and Coiffeur Salon, and a couple of random salons do my brows. I don’t really go for random salons unless I’m desperate, I make sure to save a trip to my hometown in Angeles City for that routing eyebrows cleaning, but the Brow Bar of Benefit Cosmetics is irresistible. Raising Eyebrows since 1976, so yes, I just had to try it.

Benefit Brow Bar says every Brow Bar is staffed with licensed professionals, highly trained in the art of brow shaping, so they’re always ready to wax and tweeze, primp and please
Depileve Wax, Wax Strips, Oil Cleanser, Soothing Cream, and more….it was quite a busy time, I had to wait for my turn. 
Hubby obliged to document the whole process. I will not dare bare my outlined brows. LoL* Mariza, the Benefit Aesthetician,  did a bit of measuring and designing to get the right brows based on my face’s shape. So yes, this brows are all mine, and not from some stencils or pre-cut patterns! ;-D

I’m into eyebrows threading, and it hurts a lot!!! But the way Benefit does brow waxing is almost painless, plus the warm wax feels soothing. It’s almost addicting! LOL* Since I’m off to the movie house anyway, so the reddening was okay. In fact, I was even surprised that it was extensive because from the feel of things, the pain from pulling of wax strips seemed fleeting. It must be I have such high tolerance of pain with all the tweezing and threading. If you’re used to threading, this is definitely a walk in the park. ;-D

Before and After. Mariza gave me some pointers on how to maintain them, such that I even had to keep myself from tweezing a certain area to even them out, until I make my next visit to them. 
After. I love. Super. My brows look so nice.  
So yes, another stamp card for me. Oh my that’s a lot of Php 700’s to spend. LOL*

I think I might go back for a second time, just to get both brows even, remember that I need to let an area grow. On regular months, I’ll just be diligent in grooming them myself (fervently hope so!). But I’ll definitely save a trip for special occasion. With the 50% limited offer on their Brow Services for their Rustan’s Shangri-la opening, it’s the best time to indulge. Please do checkout Benefit Cosmetics Ph on FB for more details. 


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