SkinFood and Innisfree Seoul Shopping

TGIF! Annyeonghaseyo! ;-D Day 3 here in Manila, so far, so good…it’s good to be home! This is it, the shopping opportunities here are so overwhelming, I couldn’t help myself but to cave in to my whims! Day 1 was of course unboxing of our things (almost halfway done!). Day 2 was a trip to Pioneer Centre, oh my, how I missed doing my grocery here! And yesterday, I had a date with Mommy Wendy of My Rocking Cradle, she’s based in Seoul, so it meant more Korea Cosmetics for me…Skin Food Haul for the nth time and my first ever Innisfree haul. I’m so back to shopping mode! LoL*

Skin Food and Innisfree plus a lot of freebies. I love! ;-D
SkinFood Gold Kiwi Sun Cream, SkinFood Platinum Grape Cell Toner, SkinFood Platinum Grape Cell Essence, and Seaweed Waterproof Point Make-up Remover Tissue. While I’m using the Skin Food Gold Caviar lines for my night skin care routine, I emptied quite a handful of Platinum Grape Cell trial sizes a la mini gift sets for my day skin care regime. I find the Gold Caviar too rich for a sunny daytime indulgence, at least for my combination skin-type. The Platinum Grape Cell provides just the right moisturizing, plus of course, the superior nourishing benefits given that it’s one of the priciest line ever of SkinFood. 
Innisfree Olive Real Cleansing Tissue, Volcanic Cluster Nose Pack, Jejubija Anti-Trouble Mist, Pore Clean & Up Pack, Mineral Foundation, and a full size of the Jeju Volcaninc Pore Clay Mask as a gift from Mommy Wendy (xoxo ;-D) 
SkinFood Gift with Purchase…Royal Honey Premium Kit. This is why Seoul Shopping is addicting! LoL*
Innisfree Freebies Overload! I love! ;-D So far, I find myself falling in love with Innisfree. It’s love at first try with the Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask, and I find myself exploring more of Innisfree’s other lines. I’ll let you know how these work. 
…with Mommy Wendy. We met at The Podium, for a Burgoo Lunch (thanks for the treat! ;-D), Coffee at Starbucks, and a dessert at Cheesecake Etc. Plus a lot of Lacoste Shoe fitting (too bad we both don’t have our sizes).

I got all of these for less than Php 5K, so yes, I’m a happy Hallyu-fangirl yet again! ;-D I’m done Korea Cosmetics shopping (fervently hope so!) for the mean time. Oh well… LOL *


  1. inggit! haha tipid mode ako these days so medyo konti lang pwede pang shopping haha. i want to try innisfree too! 🙂 who's your trusted innisfree seller, des? 🙂


  2. @Rebel Sweetheart: Hi sis, I like the Royal Honey Essence Mask Sheet and the massage packs, so I'm looking forward to trying this line. 😉 The eye cream is okay too! ;-D


  3. rrrrrrrrr…. so envy you right now.. 🙂 hihihihiplease try that skin food platinum grape and honey gift set and review soon.. :)i have the gift set of platinum grape but i didn't try it yet.


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