Homeworld Warehouse Sale 2012 Shopping Finds

Hello everyone! I’ve been very busy… unboxing, and then getting more things! Some of you may know that we just moved to a new home sweet home. ;-D Packing and unpacking four 6-wheeler-truckful of stuff are such ordeals! I kid you not!!! I de-stress with a bit or retail therapies here and there. LoL*

Such a nice timing…SM Homeworld Warehouse Sale at SM Megamall Megatrade Hall. 

After my lunch date with Mommy Wendy yesterday, I went home to find Chase clamoring for a mall trip. We went to SM Megamall, knowing beforehand that there’s an ongoing warehouse sale. ;-D After a meal to Bonchon Chicken (yay!..we finally dined here, thanks to my GC complements of my giveaway wins from French Macaroons Online Boutique), we went to the Megatrade Hall. I needed to upgrade our pillows. Oh my, so much to see, and to buy! You ought to know that I’m so easy to get, naturally I ended up getting more than needed.

A pair of Queen Size Joyce & Diana Pillows. These are uber plumped. On sale, they sell for Php400/piece. I remembered my mom-in-law getting these same pillows, and they speak of hotel-like fluffiness. ;-D So far, I like. Albeit, a bit too elevated for comfort for Chase’s, my 6 year old son. So I guess I need to get him a less denser and less plumped pillow. 
Family Home Comforter with Black and White Prints on sale price of Php 2300+. I wanted to get duvet filler + cover initially, but the initial cash out of buying both was too much. Duvet is supposed to be more economical in the long run, since you can just laundry the cover, and just buy matching duvet covers every now and then. This feels luxurious enough anyhow.  Chase also got himself a complete blue fatigue bedsheet. 
Big Toy Box for Chase. Besides that it sells for Php 350 only for a bigger box, I  like the red/blue color combination, it complements Chase’s Disney Cars McQueen bed room theme.  Just be selective on the quality of the item especially the rollers at the bottom. ;-D Chase’s blue room is almost done, I’ll show you some other time.
Lock & Lock Spill-proof Water Bottle for Php 230+.  We’ve been using these for sometime, and I needed to replace one. Just be sure to test the spill-proof-ness of it on site. ;-D

To wrap things up, I ended up buying about Php 6000 worth of assorted items. There are a lot more to buy, the Corelle and Luminarc’s plus a whole lot more. To prove a point of their unbreakability, SA’s are tossing them…seriously, we get it, Chase was hoping to get a turn! LoL* Anyhow, that’s it for me. I’m done shopping! I’m totally ignoring those SALE signs everywhere. I hope not to falter! ;-D


  1. Can totally relate, going to the shopping center just to get a quick lunch and then I will end up buying a cartfull of stuff. we just got some new pillows a few months ago toohttp://momdaughterstyle.blogspot.com/


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