Review: Peripera Rose Nail Polish GR302

Annyeong! ;-D Apparently, I can do scheduled postings. For today, I’ll do a N.O.T.D. post with Peripera. It’s another Korean brand, although I have yet to fall in love with it. But this Rose Nail Polish just sealed the deal. I like. And looking at its product portfolio, I can’t help but be compelled to try more, everything is so kawaii! ^_^ 

Peripera Rose Nail Polish speaks of long lasting technology. Until today, I didn’t know that noteworthy info on the couple of times I tried them. I just feel that it’s so much like one of the pricey brands less the hefty price tag because it only sells on eBay from BHappywithme for Php 150 ($3.5). Now reading about it, my initial reaction was no wonder it’s that remarkable! ;-D And apparently it sells quite expensively on the US for $8.99. So I’m definitely holding on to it, and so very much compelled to get more colors. 
Swatch. Peripera Rose Nail Polish. My petite nails going green.
Peripera Rose Nail Polish in GR302
Rose printings and embossed rose logo on the cover. So this is why they’re named Rose Nail Polish.
I usually save painting my hands with special occasions, althought my toes are inseparable with nail colors. I was suppose to match a summery outfit for Chase’s graduation day, but I instead don a more formal O.O.T.D. with my beloved Nine West Bejeweled Heels, so the green nail polish was my only source of colors for the event. I think it complemented Chase’s dinosaur-printed graduation gown. 

I got this as a freebie from Bhappywithme on one of my major shopping spree of Korean Cosmetics #Shopaholic. She has more colors available. Naturally, because the brand speaks of 60 colors available. True to  its long lasting formula, this one survives my usual clumsiness for days, unlike others. This feels like Sally Hansen’s Diamond Strength in most aspects. And with its long-stemmed-rose-like cover, it’ll nicely adorn any vanity…and the more, the prettier. ;-D

More PeriPera’s … such overflowing prettiness indeed! 

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