Chase’s Graduation Day

Happy Monday everyone! I’ve just realized that this might be my last full post for the week, since I’ve learned that PLDT can’t simultaneously transfer our connection to Manila, so amidst the whole movers-packing hullabaloo outside, here I’m, still blogging. ;-D It’s just that this is such a beautiful event to delay sharing.

Congratulations to our ever dearest Chase! We love you so much! Thank you Teacher Joy and to Preschoolville for impassioning Chase with learning. 

You ought to know that I get misty eyes, and even sniffles to most momentous events. So yes, weddings do make me cry. But my emotional turmoils gets the best of me during school programs, foremost every moving-up ceremonies. I just couldn’t help sniffling to just about everything…babies dancing their heart out, parents giving testimonials, teachers opening and closing remarks, and foremost, when Chase’s sings, dances, delivers speech, and all sorts.

The graduates of Preschoolville Learning Center S.Y. 2011-2012

For this year, it’s Clark Holiday Inn once again. As always, the balloon set-up is stellar. And the program is simply amazing yet again. ;-D

I love, love, love the Dinosaur Printed Graduation Gown, it’s welcome break from the traditional white/black graduation gown. It aptly speaks of learning is more fun at Preschoolville, theatrics aside, it truly is! ;-D 

Going into more girly details, I posted a separate  F.O.T.D.  post, sort of a prelude. While I decided to stick for the basic black dress by Zara, Accessorize Belt, and my Nine West Bejeweled Heels.

It’s a delight that Chase is also into power dressing. 

This event marked our last year with Preschoolville Learning Center. It posted a twofold bittersweet setback…we’re moving to another city, and we’re changing school! I too will terribly miss everyone at PLC, the teachers, and my mommy friends. We have with us wonderful memories to cherish for life. We’re moving out again for the nth time from our comfort zone, with it, I can only muster courage with big faith and hope, that all will be well, shipshape!  Allow me to share an excerpt from one of my post at Smart Parenting Online, taking inspiration from Who Moved My Cheese.

Because in life, no matter what,
  • Change Happens – They Keep Moving the Cheese
  • Anticipate Change – Get Ready For The Cheese To Move
  • Monitor Change -Smell The Cheese Often So You Know When It Is Getting Old
  • Adapt To Change Quickly -The Quicker You Let Go Of Old Cheese, The Sooner You Can Enjoy New Cheese
  • Change – Move With The Cheese
  • Enjoy Change! – Savor The Adventure And Enjoy The Taste Of New Cheese!
  • Be Ready To Change Quickly And Enjoy It Again & Again – They Keep Moving The Cheese.
So yes, I need a passionate Aja, Aja, Fighting Cheer!!!  ;-D Here’s another big moment for us (the stage parents)…Chase’s delivering a speech for his classmates. We are forever proud of him! 


  1. Awww…Thanks Coline! 🙂 My almost two years of memories of living here full time after college are priceless…I'm glad I met you and savored your yummy baked treats. 🙂


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