Birthday Ball: A Princess Barbie Birthday Theme

Happy Sunday everyone! I took a short brake from posting after I find myself all crazy-addicted-with-everything-Hunger Games ;-D. Oh well, hunger satiated (sort of), I’m back to regular programing. Hera are some of the splendid details of the birthday party we attended last time.

Cake Table, Candy/ Evertyhing-Sweet Station, and more…in black and pink polka dots. 

The party venue is at The Mansion at The Enclave, as in the party/night out place, now transformed in to a Kiddie Wonderland. ;-D

Buffet Table and Gift Table
A castle for Princess Ckhyllie, the birthday girl…the belle of the ball, is the main element of the stage setup. The princessy themed birthday perfectly complemented the interior designs of The Mansion. With those vintage-y printed sofas, the place looks ever more regal.  
Party at The Mansion. The birthday girl descended from the stairs above. I liked! It added more drama. ;-D
Cotillion de Honor…It’s such a heartwarming treat. ;-D
Barbie Cake 
Cupcakes Galore
More Candies, Wafer Sticks, and Barbie Bike…How cute! ;-D
More Candies. I appreciate the intricate details to elaborately stick to the Barbie theme. ;-D
Pink Goody Bag for the girls. Boys were instead given toys.

The 7th Birthday program included 7 Roses, 7 Candles, and 7 Balloons. We were asked to step outside to join in the balloon flying ceremony. It’s just in time,when all the guests stepped outside, that we were ushered to line up for the buffet dinner. It’s truly a luxe party! ;-D We’re delighted to be more often than not part of her birthdays, last year’s too (Luau Swimming Party), and the year before it! ;-D I’m seriously looking forward to her 18th birthday treat, from the rate it’s going, it can only get more lavish. Good Times! Cheers! ;-D


  1. Pretty cute and I think your own little princess will be the happiest girl ever. but it seems so expensive. Not quite budget friendly so you have to plan for it financially. tnx.


  2. Super nice theme! My 3year old kiddo also loves barbie! I hope I can give my daughter a birthday party like this! Thanks for sharing it now I have lots of new ideas on what will I do on my daughters birthday!


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