First Impression: Urban Decay 15th Anniversay Palette

Hi everyone! I know it’s a couple of months overdue, but although I’m so late, I have to say this…I’m totally wowed by the Urban Decay’s 15th Anniversary Palette! I love…my precious! And the best part, that I won it from the giveaway of French Macaroons Online Boutique (again, my overflowing thanks! ;-D). The palette is such an eye candy, I love the uber classy velvety purple box, and it’s glitzy packaging. For a time, I was intimidated to plunge my amateurish eye makeup skills. But it’s so overwhelmingly pretty inside and out, and so yesterday, I indulged. Yay!

Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette is love, love, love! ;-D
It comes with 15 full size eye shadows shades. With neutrals (light, dark) as my go-to shades, this palette is a dream come true!  While the middle shades are so irresistible to compel me to be more adventurous and whimsical even in my eye makeup. 
Up close and personal. I’m not yet an eye makeup connoisseur, but the colors are amazingly vibrant! Very pigmented. They glide on smoothly leaving a velvety finish, and there are barely any fall outs. I’m off to bring this to my first ever formal Makeup Lessons come April at Makeup Designory Manila. Call me trivial, I love the extra detail that it has a shade name after my son, Chase. ;-D
Swatch. Shimmery Neutrals. 
Swatch. Cool Colors.
Swatch. Dark Neutrals. Smokey. 
The vain in me won’t do a closer eye makeup swatch (I’m in no mood to receive heartaches from cyber bullies!),  but I looked pretty alright, methinks. I hope to do more FOTD’s and with detailed photos as soon as I’m out of makeup school. 
F.O.T.D. Eyes: UD Shades M.I.A., Midnight 15, Midnight Rodeo, Vanilla / Mascara: Lashem Double Trouble/ Face: Hera HD Foundation in Shade 21/ Lips: Laneige Snow Crystal Moisture Lipstick in R214 Shine Red

Overall, I’m head over heels in love with this palette. I have more Urban Decay’s niceties that are left unopened, I’m definitely missing on the prettiness of Urban Decay by doing so, I’m off to double time in dedicating more FOTD’s. ;-D

This is a Limited Edition release, so it’s not available at Urban Decay‘s site anymore. For here in the Philippines, Urban Decay’s are sold online from various sellers. This used to be available at French Macaroons Online Boutique too.

Again, big thanks to French Macaroons Online Boutique for this amazing and gorgeous win! 


  1. I was originally pining for Naked 2, but after seeing the swatches, I am convinced that this one's better. And more worth it, since the colors are diverse. Looking good, Des! 🙂


  2. I wish Urban Decay make a Naked Palette with more matte shades in it. That's the one thing keeping me from buying this. The colors would've been nice.


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