Subic Bay Dining and Shopping Finds ;-D

Hello everyone! Here’s a post before I’m off to Chase’s Moving-Up Day. Last Sunday, hubby needs to go to Subic Bay for work, Chase and I decided to come along, and duty-free hop, as our last hurrah before we move to Manila a week from now. The duty free shopping-all-you-like is something I’ll miss, with living in Angeles City, SBMA and Clark are all less than an hour drive away. Oh well, shopping goes on… ;-D

We have about half a day to go around. After dropping hubby to the hotel, we set for Puregold Duty Free Subic Bay. Since we frequent Puregold Duty Free Clark, I basically now what to get. I also have an idea on prices. I think, more often than not, Puregold Subic sells a bit $ cents lower than Clark’s, as pricing strategy. I guess to make the lengthier trip to Subic compelling. 
We had our lunch at the adjoining S&R Food Service.  We got a burger meal, pizza meal, and a Clam Chowder Soup. The burger and soup were okay. But the pizza was superb! ;-D
A Slice (cut in two) of the Garlic Shrimp Pizza. It’s so cheesy. Super love it. I’ll definitely be back for more S&R’s pizza. It’s a Php 99 Pizza Meal that comes with a drink. 
I bought a dozen fresh milk for Chase, canned goods, and the usual groceries.  But I found these  Kleenex Hand Towel-type tissues. I’ll try these out for our bathrooms, if they’re as nice as Kirkland’s Paper Towels in terms of strength and absorbency. The Glade Carpet & Room Deodorizer. I love the Hawaiian Breeze Scent. This is our mainstay cleaning aid and scent,  since we have carpets from all room areas. And some fabric refresher.  

Besides cleaning products, I love hoarding toiletries (Dove, Olay, etc.) because it’s truly cheaper in the duty free’s than the local supermarkets, some are even priced the same in the US. And then we’re off to another duty free shop, Royal. But not before making a stop.

Yes, Beauty Credit in Subic! #KoreanCosmetics It’s right after BPI, perfectly on the way to Royal Duty Free. ;-D Although, I haven’t really try any Beauty Credit’s, but I did try Somang’s.  It’s Geum Jan Di overload in the store.
 I couldn’t risk shopping without reading reviews and recommendations, so I just quickly browsed the store, and got these…Somang Red Flo Red Camellia Conditioner. I’ve been wanting to buy these like forever, since I’m currently using the matching shampoo. A 500 ml Shampoo Bottle with 10%off, sells for about Php 350. This is surprisingly cheaper than eBay. 
Freebies!!! They gave me these Beauty Credit’s Coenzyme Q10 Toners Wrinkle Skin and Whitening Skin in quite a hefty trial size in 30ml each. Nice! ;-D

Then we’re off to Royal Duty Free. It’s a shop where you can use your Rustan’s Fresh Card to earn points. I love the variety of brands, choices, and promotions here. It carries a mix of the popular imported brands, plus a whole lot more, plus there are the local brands too. There are a lot of promotions, and more often than not, these make meshop on impulse, never fails. LoL! ;-D

Chase got more toys here, and this…for the love of Disney Cars 2, more Lighting McQueen’s. Cars2 Cereal Set for $6.5+. 

I bought more bathroom tissues, Ariel laundry powders, which were all on promotions. We’re almost within our shopping threshold for the day ;-D, thankfully, we’re saved by the phone call, hubby’s done and we needed to pick him up. We’re set for home, but not before making a routine stop at Meat Plus. I’ll save it for a later post, this is getting lengthier. Anyhow, there are more things to love in Subic Bay, and more duty free’s and outlet stores to visit, just in case you’re up for a getaway, the trip is a drive away via SCTEX (+ NLEX if you’re coming from Manila).

What’s your favorite duty-free shop? Any sale shopping finds lately, please do shares. Cheers! ;-D


  1. wahh! Beauty Credit!! I heard their mask sheets are good. Thanks for the tip, we're going to Subic end of March. lol. I should start saving for it now. hehe


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