Majolica Majorca & Laneige FOTD + 7th Birthday Ball + :-D

Happy Sunday! ;-D Albeit coming home very late from a friend’s place after The Ball, I still had time to spare for this post. Partly because I’m excited I sill needed to wash and to dry my hair due to hairspray overload yada yada…so sorry Mother Earth. Last night, we attended this lavish affair. You ought to know by now that I’m a stage mom. #Showbiz More so that I love reading romantic historical novels especially those of Jude Deveraux and Julia Quinn’s, so naturally, I’m an aspiring member of the ton…in another lifetime perhaps. ;-D So, much to my happiness, Chase, at a young age, was able to be a part of the cotillion. Yes, cotillion de honer for a 7th Birthday Party. Hear are random thoughts for yesterday’s event.

F.O.T.D. Face: Skin Food Black Egg Pore Foundation/ Eyes: Majolica Majorca Jeweling Palette in PK 722/ Mascara: Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus/ Cheeks: Majolica Majorca Cheek Blush in RD 255/ Lips: Laneige SYR04 Tea Beige (Detailed Review asap!;-D)…with my love of my life, Chase! ;-D By the way, to those who are asking, my eye glasses are from Oakley’s Prescription line. 

For the sake of my love for everything princessy and Cinderalla-esque, please indulge me! ;-P, the Ball (splendid details to follow soon) was held at The Mansion at The Enclave in Angeles City. Initially, it was hoped to be a the hippest place in town with Apl De Ap even celebrating a birthday there, but call me uncool, it’s my first time to go in it, and for a children’s party, no less. Hurray to those kids in attendance, they got to experience early on, the taste of night clubbing! LoL ;-D

Chase waltzing with the Belle of the Ball, the birthday girl!…Proud Mom much! ;-D
My Little Prince on his custom-tailored suit less the jacket and his Hush Puppies High Cut Shoes ;-D

I went for curls again. My friend did the back part of my hair with the so-called magic hair rollers. While I did the front part with my handy Philips Multi-Styler. I’m saving a post for my H.O.T.D. with the hair rollers. So please stay tuned for it.

O.O.T.D. Little Gray Dress (Thrifted ;-D)/ Accessories: Accessorize Peacock Necklace layered with Silver Choker Necklace from Bazaar, Bracelet by Bijoux Terner. 
Shoes:  Nine West Bejeweled Heels a la my Jan Di Shoes ;-D  

And another tidbit, I finally enrolled myself to a makeup class, thanks to today’s Deal Grocer. Yay! Although, it will mostly cover the basics of personal know how’s, I really hope that I’ll do better with my F.O.T.D. postings soon. We’ll see from there, if I’m compelled to level up further. ;-D As for my OOTD’s, oh well, I’m celebrating my curves! It’s painstakingly difficult to lose more pounds, slowly but surely, hope to drop a size or two more! ;-D #NoPainNoGain, right? ;-D

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