Tooth Fairy Visits for the 2nd Time ;-D

Chase might have unraveled the mystery of Santa Claus earlier than expected (thanks to his Dad!), but we’re letting Tooth Fairy stays. Naturally, he’s starting to lose his baby teeth. He’s amazingly so brave!

Losing his first baby tooth. His bottom front tooth was so loose, and we’re about to go to the dentist the next day to have it extracted. But he took it out himself the day before we left for vacation. He just kept brushing it, and he casually told me that it fell. We just let him drink an ice water to stop the bleeding.  So he happily went to sleep, putting the tooth under his pillow awaiting for Tooth Fairy’s visit and payment. Yay! We replaced the tooth with a small amount! ;-D
Last night, the other bottom front baby tooth was pulled out by him! ;-D Same, he brushed it so hard! His dad jokingly told him to tie a floss by the door, and pull it fast (so mean!). He proudly told us that he didn’t have to do that! And so Tooth Fairy visited again for the 2nd time last night. 

Oh my, boys are that brave, aren’t they? I’m squeamish just touching a loose tooth! I didn’t even look at him while he’s doing his thing. He called me as soon as he did it, and I just gave him a glass of ice water. So proud of him, he’s truly a bottomless source of pride and joy! ;-D

Happy Wednesday! ;-D


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