Masked: Nature Republic Tea Tree (Updated)

I’m seriously over indulging in these Korean Mask Sheets, scroll down and backtrack on my older posts, and you’d see what I mean. Most in my collections are for moisturizing, and nourishing, in fact I only have a couple of masks targeted for anti-trouble/acne, one from Missha’s and Nature Republic’s, which I have a while back. Not to preempt, but I think once-a-week pampering of a Tea Tree mask is in order, for a preventive mode, and just recently to my case, I need at least another round of it to seamlessly reap the benefits of Nature Republic’s Tea Tree Mask with Netherlands Oxygen Water. Haha! I just wanted to emphasize that bit of info… Netherlands yay! ;-D

Nature Republic Tea Tree Mask Sheet
Product Feature: This facial mask sheet keeps your skin smooth and blemish-free with tea tree extract. How to use: 1. After washing the face, apply toner, pat dry.  2. Make sure to keep hair off the face, put on the mask. 3. Leave on for 15-20 minutes. 4. Take off.  If there are remaining essence on the packet, apply, massage, and leave on.  No need to rinse off. 5. Depending on skin type, you can opt to proceed to your usual skin care line (emulsion, serum, cream, etc.) Personally, collagen/moisturizing masks of all sorts and brands will leave the skin uber dewy and moisturize, so I’m content to take a break on my usual moisturizers. 
Not good. Blemish-free no more. I don’t know what triggered these, must be hormonal, or they got more irritated because I was truly overreacting! I’m desperately counting on the smooth and blemish-free promises.
This one is definitely overflowing with essence. 
Masked. The NRTea Tree Mask Sheet is very thin and almost flimsy in appearance (perhaps that’s why there’s excess essence!), but fret not, it’s stronger than it looks, it won’t break,  it’s almost translucent, and won’t snuggly fit. Hmmm, so with slits are nicer. While on it, I love the refreshing and cooling feel.  
More essence. You can’t reuse mask sheets!!! But with so much extra essence, I couldn’t finish all of it off, and it’s too precious to throw away, so I folded it, and I’m keeping it on our refrigerator, and for two days now, after my basic skin care routine, I dab a bit of the essence to my zits. 
Immediately After. I noticed that it’s not as red and as inflamed. There’s also the instant soothing, calming, and even brightening effect. That’s why I decided to save the left over essence. ;-D

I slept on it, and then woke up with lesser and smaller zits. In fact, I was feeling a bit grateful and prettier so I decided to do a FOTD post. ;-D

Updated March 14, 2012: All Clear! Yay! ;-D  To date, after my basic skin care regime, I still dabbed on the leftover tea tree essence. 😀 Nice turnout, to think I pulled an all-nighter with another K-Drama.

Overall, I can’t remember how much I bought this mask for, I only have a pack of it, but needless to say,  I’m compelled to buy more of it because I appreciate the instant soothing effects. As you know, I have a mainstay Tea Tree facial wash, I think if all is well, ship-shape,  even a weekly indulgence is in order to reinforce the seamless anti-blemish effects, just to really stay on the side of prevention. And for those bad-face-days, at least for my case, a twice a week plus my handy Differin would hopefully do the work.


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