Shakey’s Barney Birthday

Happy Sunday! ;-D I’ve been telling my son’s godmothers how I suddenly find it so hard to plan a birthday party. I thought since now that I’m about-to-be on my 7th year of planning one, I’d be more adept. Surprise, surprise, it’s a whole new ballgame, now that Chase wants so much to be involve in planning everything, that seems good, right? But he’s so picky! Haha! ;-D Anyhow, we have more time to iron things out. It’s a big plus that we’ve been attending parties here and there, it gives us more ideas. Two not so recent parties we joined in celebrating were for first birthday’s, both were held at Shakey’s (at different branch though), and both with Barney Theme. Barney is a very lovable character indeed.

Shakey’s Barney Birthday Theme Package…Cake, Game Prizes, Loot Bags
Shakey’s Dau Branch Party Venue Setup
Candy/Cookie/Sweet Station…I think this was brought by my friend’s side. I like the set-up. It’s a great DIY guideline for setting up a dessert table or for a Choco Fondue Fountain

We were pretty late on the second Barney birthday we attended. So we missed the whole program. While, we came in really early for the first party. The Shakey’s Dau Branch was more accessible to us then since we’re staying at Hotel Vida for the night. The program was super fun, the host was cheery, parlor games were new and exciting, and she had a good control of the crowd. Call me sensitive, except I find the host informally-so-comfy with the adult guests who joined the games, if there’s such a thing. The saving grace was the crowd was so into it, that it seemed okay. So perhaps, it’s just the sensitive-me, that I find her disrespectful at her jokes or punch lines, to some extent. So I guess, if you’re expecting your serious formal boss/es and colleagues as guests, better tell the host to mellow down a bit. ;-D

For the food, for both parties, we were served with Bunch of Lunch or Package C (Spaghetti, Chicken, Mojos, Garlic Bread, and a Pizza Slice).

Chic & Sassy Tips!!! From experience, you have to make sure to remind the branch to make sure that they still put a lot of spaghetti sauce. I like Shakey’s spaghetti, I just notice that it can be a bit lacking in sauce when it’s included in the Bunch of Lunch vs. the full serving, which comes with overflowing sauce. It gets worse if it’s a mass serving a la party. And lastly, go for the thin crust! ;-D

Shakey’s Birthday Party Package food option. Source: Shakey’s PH FB Page 
For the mascot, we had Captain Shakey’s on the first party. For Baby Padma’s birthday, we had a Pizza Slice (I don’t know if it’s called something else ;-D). I think, it’s way cuter. ;-D Since, you’re not getting a Barney Mascot, a Shakey’s Pizza Slice Mascot is way elaborate. 
Loot Bags. Barney-themed eco bags, water bottles, puzzles, and stickers. 2 Barney Parties, twice the fun! ;-D
Barney Lunch Box for game prizes. To Chase’s heartache, we didn’t win at all, on the first party. While for the second party, since we missed the games, and they know how much we love them, they gifted us with this to appease Chase. ;-D Thanks Mommy Tin! ;-D
Shakey’s Birthday Party Prizes and Loot Bags from theme choices…Barney and Friends, Justice League, Wonder Woman. 

Personally, vs. the usual fast food chains’ party loot bags and game prizes, I think Shakey’s are way nicer, and even more useful. In fact, we were also eyeing to win the bucket and shovel. Although, I couldn’t tell how much, but just in case, you can visit the nearest Shakey’s branch or accomplish the Online Party Reservation form.

Happy Birthday Baby Sophie and Baby Padma! Thank you for having us! ;-D – Chase & Chic Sassy Mom Des


  1. My son is turning 2 in June and loves Barney but we live in America and they don't have a lot of Barney merchandise here. Do you know if the Shakey's will ship items here?


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