Review: Urban Decay Clean and Sober

Hi there! I don’t really need anymore makeup removers since I don’t do any makeup lately. So I was saving the UD Clean & Sober to sell or to giveaway, but I was forced to reach for it last time. Although it didn’t do so well with the stubborn waterproof eye makeup, so far, all is well with it, when I used it for general makeup remover purposes. ;-D

Oh Ariel (of the Little Mermaid) Love! ;-D Urban Decay Clean & Sober Sale Price for $3 (Original $18)
It’s one of the item included in my recent Urban Decay Haul from the online storewide sale late last year, but which I only got not so long ago.
Product Features: Urban Decay Clean & Sober Makeup Remover is a soothing gel-based makeup remover which will sweep away your daily transgressions. Mild cleansers, coupled with botanicals like jasmine, sacred lotus and manuka honey effortlessly dissolve makeup, while a touch of lavender scent provides much-needed serenity. The oil-free formula leaves skin soft and refreshed and won’t irritate eyes, leaving you free to explore your other vices.
It comes with a pump spout dispenser, makes it handy, economical ;-D, and hygienic. I like! 
Swatch. Test. Results. I tried it with the exceptional waterproof makeup, namely the Majolica Majorca Mascara, The Skin Shop Gel Eye Liner,  and an Avon waterproof mascara. A (South Sea ;-D) pearl-size amount can do the job. First one to come out with little effort was the Avon’s. Second, with a bit of an effort was The Skin Shop’s. As expected, the MM couldn’t be removed even by vigorous rubbing, I had to reach for a cotton pad to wipe off the rest. I don’t recommend using the Urban Decay Clean and Sober to remove specifically Majolica Majorca’s waterproof eye makeup lines. 
For regular eye makeup, a pea-size amount will do the work easily, with minimal effort. Although, I had to use a cotton pad to clear away the Avon Glimmersticks Cosmic Brown Eye Liner. 
Swatch. To remove SkinFood Black Egg Pore Foundation, rubbing will only loosen the formula, it will not emulsify,  to remove the foundation residues, wipe off with a tissue (recommended by UD) or cotton pad. 

Up close and personal. I used it to remove Majolica Majorca’s Jeweling Eyes Palette, which I also tested yesterday, with a pea-size amount to each of my eye lids, I gently massage it, then wipe off the rest with a cotton pad, very easy. I tried peeking, just to see if it will sting my eyes or worse makes them cloudy, thankfully, nada!

Eyeshadow Residues. All clean. 

I like the whimsical artwork and product description. It’s a gentle make-up remover/cleanser, and alternately can be used as a facial cleanser if you dilute it with more water. As it is, it has a watery consistency. It’s refreshingly scented and not sticky. But I still prefer to wash off the residue  and to clean the whole of my face with my mainstay facial cleanser after.

Me, myself, and I. Clean slate, I’m ready for a face mask! ;-D

Overall, I have yet to fall in love with Urban Decay, I have several eye makeup to try. Even my 15th Anniversary Palette is still left untouched. As aforesaid, I love the whimsical concepts on their artworks and product descriptions. For the Urban Decay Clean and Sober, I got it from the recent sale, I’m trying to look for it today, I think it has already been discontinued, and relaunched to some thing else, perhaps to this.

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  1. I would love a good new eyeliner! Its a sad it didn't work good for cleaning off eye makeup I love the packaging.Visiting from the Alexa drop hop! Hope you can come by I am at DearCreatives.com


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