Wordless Wednesday: Memories of Baguio 2012 w/ Linky

While I made a blog entry right away on my shopping finds on our recent trip to Baguio, it gives me much happiness looking at our fun-filled and touristy photo opportunities. Here’s reliving our recent Baguio Trip. ;-D

After countless trips to Baguio, it’s my first ever photo in the Lion’s Head. ;-D
First stop. Lunch at Army Navy at Baguio Technohub
Ube Jam Shopping at Good Shepherd Convent
Photo Opportunities with the Veteran Pine…an over a century old battle-scarred, veteran, defying time, fire, and the elements. Historic Preservation Site. 
Enjoying two cups of Strawberry Taho at the Mines View Park
Mines View
Mom & Chase, presenting… The Baguio Mansion 
Dinner at Brod Pit…love the Pork Binagoongan and the Chicken Cordon Bleu. ;-D
Next Day, at the Baguio Cathedral
Shopping for me, and Boat Ride for them at the Burnham Park. ;-D

On our way back, we visited Our Lady of Manaoag in Pangasinan. We are forever grateful.

I’m linking up with the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hops. Link up your (almost…mine is ;-D) WW posts. ;-D Please follow me either on GFC, G+, FB or Twitter. Leave me a note, so I can return the favor.


  1. Hi Des,Thanks for finding me! Of course I remember you and am so glad to have found your still blogging. I love all your photos and it looks like you had a wonderful time and created a lot of great memories as well.Grace


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