Chili’s Fajitas and More

Our February vacation left me X pounds heavier (ouch!!!), and with my metabolism and aversion to exercise, it will take me looong time to get rid of those, and another ordeal to get back on track on losing even more pounds. Oh well, I just couldn’t resist indulging…what can I say? I’m a happy gourmand. Having said that, bring on a food post! ;-D

Chili’s Rockwell Power Plant Mall Dining Area
Chili’s Waiting Line. Photo taken after we’re done eating. The place was full. I have to say, the food is definitely worth the wait. ;-D
For Starters, Chili’s Wings over Buffalo with Bleu Cheese Dressings…so good! 
Chili’s Bacon Burger
My guilty pleasure, Classic Steak and Chicken Sizzling Fajitas…indeed grilled to perfection! So juicy, and tender. 
Sour Cream, Salsa, Cheese for the Fajitas
Warm Tortilla Wraps. For my wrap, I’d like to spread on the cream cheese first, then add the lettuce strips, then salsa, then the meat strips, then hot sauce, and lastly, roll! 
Fresh Strawberry Smoothies…I’m not a smoothie-type of girl, but this one was so good! It’s like having dessert too! ;-D
Our (Hubby & I) Chili’s Dinner Feast…Yum! ;-D

Did I tell you that the Fajitas were all for me? I know right, I super had a hearty appetite, so I went eating with much gusto! (That’s probably where I got the 1 of X pounds weight gain, you think? ;-D) Hubby is not much of a Tex-Mex Cuisine aficionado, unlike me, so I was faced with a happy task to finishing it alone. I was stuffed, as in…with the chicken wings + fajitas, I had to bag some of the steaks,  I figured I can eat them over a rice meal at home (so much for being on a diet, Ikr? ;-D) Seriously, the serving is good enough for sharing for two or more. So fret not, I was just in the mood to over eat. This was supposedly my last feast before I officially go back on diet mode. Chili’s service will also not disappoint, so it will definitely my go-to resto for my Fajitas’ indulgence. In fact, writing about it makes me crave for more fajitas, oh no!


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