Me Time at The Spa Rockwell

Happy Monday! Harnessing positive vibes, on with another pampering post. This is an overdue post, another highlight of my not-so-recent Manila field trip (shopping and cruising included) was a treat to The Spa in Rockwell. I had a lot of time (and tired feet) to spare at the Powerplant Mall, while waiting for my hubby. More often than not, I like to kill time by getting a lavish “me” time by going to a spa. The stingy me was hoping to get it from a more mid-end spa salon, but I only had The Spa as a choice in Rockwell, at least non showed when I googled for spa choices. The Spa offers such luxurious indulgence, of course it comes a bit pricey too.

The Spa at The Rockwell Powerplant Mall at the R2 Level

The area is not to be missed, the facade comes with a beautifully lighted area.

An elegant receiving area. 
Beautiful hallway as always. The door to the right is for the foot treatments.

I didn’t want to get a full-body massage, since we’re leaving for a trip,  I didn’t want to sport sore back just in case the therapist became too fond of my back nodules. I’d like to leave them untouched for a while since they’re not really bothering me. But my feet are killing me, and you ought to know I’m OC to my feet too, I like to pamper them. A slight darkening and corns bother me, a lot, I like to be in preventive mode. ;-D In fact, modesty aside, I get compliments for them, see an up close look of them here. I wanted to go for the Oriental Foot Therapy, but they seemed to lack the oil needed for the treatment, so I ended up getting the Peppermint Foot Scrub for Php 650 Deluxe Room (no access to wet floor).

Reclining plush seats for the Deluxe foot treatments. Although they’re housed in a common room, there’s about three chairs in the room.
The Peppermint Foot Scrubs included a foot soak, scrub, and a foot reflex massage for 60 minutes.

As you can see, the room is cozy, and the warm lighting provides a more relaxing setting. I doze off. ;-D I’m not sure, but I like the scrubbing part here vs. others that I tried (and there are a lot of them), it’s nicer because she did it more gently, while effectively softening. My memories of foot scrubs are therapists who are overly so into it when they do the scrubbing and filing (nanggigigil). My mom is a bit traumatized that she’s now hesitant to have foot scrubs, so I’ll definitely treat her here.

The massage was equally nice. 
All is well indeed, especially ending it with an even more relaxing hot tea. 

I love it here. If only, it’s not so pricey. To go to a private/nicer room means I have to pay higher. I’m not sure if I’m up for it. Oh well, maybe, every now and then, I can spoil myself, a great big pat on the back for a job well done. I’m also hoping to treat Chase for a foot spa here, for some quality + healthy bonding moments. I also tried the massage not too long ago. I had access to the wet floors then. Although, the routine was a-ok, but the added facilities make the price worth the upgrades. The Spa = Happiness. What’s yours? ;-D


  1. No need to go to Manila for that kind of spa experience, Des. We already have it here at 1010 Spa. It's at f.lazatin blvd., going to st. jude in sn fdo. Treat your mom and Chase there instead. It's closer to home. Excellent pampering experience guaranteed!


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