The Big Apple Express Spa

T.G.I.F. 😀 I’m back to regular programming, meaning more “me” time, at least for the remainder of February and the first three weeks of March, until we have to do the major move back to Manila. Anyhow, I’ve been meaning to share our trip to The Big Apple Express Spa at the Robinson’s Galleria Branch. It’s such a special treat because officially, it’s my son’s first visit to a spa. Although, he’s been getting his regular dose of massage from me, and every so often from a hilot when we’re visiting Iloilo. If you remember my post here, we had a super extended stay at the mall, so after I had my nails done, we decided to unwind at the spa. It’s about an hour before closing time, so we just had to get the 45 minutes treat for Php 299 each.

The Big Apple Express Spa Pampering Area
Chase at his first trip to The Big Apple Express Spa
Rooms and Beds.The Big Apple Express Spa is equipped with cozy treatment areas, separated by curtains and a sliding wooden door/partitions. 

Chase and I didn’t fully doze off, because every so often, he couldn’t help laughing and talking, but mostly he was amazingly quiet, and enjoying the massage. ;-D For Chase, I asked that they do a swedish + minor stretching routine. Mine was a combination or their signature massage. I like it. I’m really looking forward to trying them out because there’s a newly opened branch at Marquee Mall. More than the basic routine, I want to try out the Balinese Massage for Php 499. My fondest memory of my previous trip to Bali, Indonesia was pampering myself with a 2-hr Balinese massage for $50, so I look forward to indulging yet again at a more reasonable rate. ;-D Overall, the place is cozy, and the beds/linens clean. The rates are also reasonable for a mall-based establishment. So yes, I look forward to indulging every so often.

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