Review: The Face Shop Face It Collagen Eyeliner

Hi there! As some of you may know I’m such a fan girl of everything-Korean, foremost I lavishly indulged on Korean brands for my skin care and makeup,  and it just gets so much better when I get to try out items for free… from giveaways, sponsors, contests alike such as my recent haul from The Face Shop. Except for the freebies, I’ve been using all of them for a while now. I have to say that the Collagen Eyeliner is now a mainstay on my makeup kit.

The Face Shop Face It Collagen Eye Liner Php 655

Not to preempt, but I love how it’s newbie-friendly. I don’t pride myself in being adept on eye makeup, (I’m seriously considering attending a makeup class very soon, once we move back to Manila, so hopefully, I’ll do better.) So for the mean time, I’m going for a au naturel look + winged eye lines a la my favorite Korean Drama actress. ;-D

Product Description: The Face Shop Face It Collagen Eyeliner  is a liquid eyeliner with an eyelash essence for a complete and defined eye line.
– A smooth and even eye line as well as providing nourishment to lashes with the Hydra Collagen and P.D.O. provide rich nutrients to eyelashes.
– A smooth, continuous and refined eye line because of a perfect combination of a firm and delicate brush and smoothing gel formula enable easy drawing even with a liquid-type eyeliner with a single smooth stroke.
– May be removed thoroughly with lukewarm water without using an eye make-up remover to prevent loss of eyelashes and carefully protect them. 
Liquid eyeliner applicator wand. Tur to its claim, it does make applying easier. ;-D
Swatch. The applicator brush, depending on the level of precision on application, can create thin to bold eye lines, with an intense black color. 


  • Everything about it! ;-D… the brush, the intense color
  • It’s not waterproof, but if otherwise properly set with a primer or a powder to manage oiliness in the lids, it’s almost smudge-proof, even after several rubbings. Since, I don’t really do extended events, I’m fine with the lasting effect it offers. 
  • True to its claim, it’s very easy to remove = no irritations and friendly to sensitive eyes like mine. 
  • Nothing major that I can think of, except a trivial issue on the item’s glitzy packaging, since I keep it handy in my makeup kit, the prints on the actual product are fading and scratched.  
As for the nourishing claim, naturally, the fuss-free removal saves me from eye irritations and lash fall.  I’m still using the Lashem Lash Gel regularly, perhaps this essence from the Collagen Eyeliner reinforces the nourishing effect, hence for my healthier eyelashes. 
The Collagen Eyeliner is part of the featured The Face Shop Pastel Romance Spring Trend Make-up 2012. 
I ‘m also using the Lovely Me:Ex Milky Tint in Pink, and the Petite Angle Blusher in Pinkish Shade too. I like. Park Min Young is looking mighty fabulous so I’m definitely on a quest to steal her look, even just a little. ;-D 
I recommend this formost to those who are not yet adept on liquid-type eyeliner application. It makes erasing (just in case) not tedious and saves the eye from further irritations, while leaving beautiful Hallyu-ish intense and pronounced eye lines. ;-D Will I repurchase? Although it might take me a while to finish this off, if there’s no other like it in the market just yet, then yes. The added lash nourishing care is a big plus, indeed!


  1. Hi! How much is this product? I was thinking of getting the Majolica Majorca liquid liner but maybe this one would be better for a newbie like me? i know nothing of make up! 🙂


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