OOTD + Baguio Shopping Finds

I have to say that I’m falling in love with Baguio all over again, in fairness! Because the trip was a bit lengthier than usual with the major (!!!) road constructions at most part of Tarlac. I have a coming long post to novelize our recent trip. I love that all of us are feeling touristy this time around, so we just love to have our pictures taken all over, every time. ;-D This is Chase 4th visit to the City of Pines, but it’s only now that he has fondest memories to speak of, he’s totally nonchalant about the length of the trip, and how we’re packed like sardines in our truck. The 17-20 °C (wishing that it could have been lower ^_^) great weather was a welcome reprieve, and an inviting day to dress up, so I sure did try my best to do just that. ;-D

Taken at the new Baguio Technohub inside Camp John Hay… O.O.T.D. Giordano Denim Dress / Accessorize Butterfly Scarf/ FitFlop Dash Boots/ Longchamp Planètes Black Short Handle (my favorite, ever-reliable bag when I’m traveling because it’s roomy, while still being lightweight)/ A la leggings-type-thick stockings from Metro Gaisano Marquee Mall department store for Php 350+. 
Trying out DIY O.O.T.D. ;-D…taken at our  hotel room at Bloomfield Hotel. ;-D On a beauty/Korean fan mode, I’m trying out the LizK Color Veil BB Cream which I got from Wishtrend
This is such a funny pose… I think I’m naturally demure (haha!), that’s us waiting for hubby to set the camera on time mode, and it captured way earlier, and tada! me…all prim and proper. ;-D

Naturally, I just couldn’t help shopping too. Not in photos are the usual Baguio travel keepsakes and souvenirs (Good Shepherd Ube Jam, Lengua de Gato, Strawberry Jelly, Vegetables etc.). But I find these goodies worth sharing. 😀

Sagada Seedless Oranges…we bought 7Kilos in total from very insistent sellers at infront of The Mansion. They’re really sweet and juicy (at least most of them). We bought them at Php 120-110 per kilos, only to be told by the next guy that he can do Php 90/kilo. 😦 They were also doing the packing so fast, that some old varieties were sneaked in. So my chic and sassy tips, haggle and take time to pick what they put in the bag. ;-D
Souvenir Shops at The Mines View Park…we got trinkets, and some bracelets for gifts (not in photos). A Php10 per piece can go 12 pcs. per Php 100. 
Bijoux Terner Belt Buckle Hinged Bracelets with Rhinestones for Php 550+ . Technically, this is not a native Baguio travel keepsake, but I got it at Mile Hi Camp John Hay. ;-D 
Saving for Sunny/Rainy Day…Esprit Folding Umbrella on sale at SM Baguio for Php 250. I bought two of these, one I gifted to my mom. 
Foldable Bags at a stall in Burnham Park …duffel bag (Php 190), back pack (Php 190), multi-purpose bags (Php 50) with nice prints (Fifi Lapin in the house, owls, and more ;-D) They’re not really not my needs, more of my whims. But they’re pretty functional too. 
Kamagong and Wooden Woodcrafts… on our first ever stop at the Lion’s Head, hubby bought right away a set of Kamagong Arnis Sticks for Php 250/set. I’ve been told that they could get pretty expensive in the city, so definitely worth checking out. ;-D
I’m starting my culinary plus medicinal herb garden, methinks. I bough these at The Orchidarium , Burnham Park…Sweet Basil, Lemon Balm, Lavender, Parsley, and Mint. Thank goodness they survived the long ride at the back of the truck, although I had to do some minor replanting when we reached  Our Lady of Manaoag Shrine. Chase is eagerly taking care of them.
With Chase. Enjoying the sights and some shopping at SM Baguio. 

If you’re really into shopping mode, there are more things to buy in Baguio. They’re definitely cheaper there, like the socks, and the hosieries for Php 100 each (stockings/tights/leggings all kinds ;-D) and even just the average socks that I used with my boots, in a store in Burnham park, they sell for 3 for Php 100, while I already got them at a bargain at Greenhills Shopping Centre for 3 for Php 180.  Scarves, gloves, beanies etc. too are sold cheaper in Baguio. Just keep your haggling prowess handy, and your money will go a long way. ;-D


  1. Hello Chic Sassy Mom!The last time I've been to Baguio? In 1999. I love it there and will surely visit again one day.Oh.. the demure Chic Sassy Mom on the pic! It's cool actually. :)Love that bracelet! Awww!


  2. I miss Baguio. This post made me wanna comeback soon. I miss the weather, the ukay-ukays, dirty ice-cream and taho na strawberry flavored. I wanna try the seedless oranges din from Sagada. Haaaayz. I love long trips.


  3. @lakwatsero: the strawberry taho is so good! 🙂 I couldn't find the ukay ukays though :(@Ding:true! oh wow! it's this weekend, too bad, we came in earlier. @Coline: drive away. I think the drive will be worth it, Baguio is still amazing. 🙂


  4. wow! :Dalways ko nilalagari ang byaheng baguio-manila v.v… super tlga traffic sa Tarlac! >:Xnagiging 9hrs ang 6 hour drive!sad naman ung sa oranges, matamis pa naman nian, but way much cheaper pag sa market tlga binili..and i totally agree! masarap magdress up with boots and scarf, at mag make-up sa Baguio kc hindi agad lusaw sa init 🙂


  5. @Gerilen: Grabe talaga ang traffic! 😦 Hopefully it will get better soon, sayang naman weather ng Baguio, it's a welcome brake din. Sad 😦 No one wants to go with me to the market. How much is it in the market? So true, my makeup was still a-ok after the long day. And people are also into dressing up, so I don't fell overdress. 🙂


  6. Oh this blog made me miss Baguio terribly! Studied there at UP for a year then last time Ive seen it was with Les in 2003. Btw Des, I didnt know that you're into gardening. My mom wrote a book about growing wheatgrass indoor. Tell me if you're interested so I can get you a copy.


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