Feeling Pretty in Yellow, Laneige, and Accessorize

Hi! Please indulge me, I just can’t really get enough of my turn out (hair, makeup, and dress) on my sister in law’s wedding, I’m truly marveling at the results…so this post is mostly about, me, myself & I. ;-D Plus the fact, that it was dream come true for me… curls and uber lengthy eyelashes! ;-D Anyhow, I just really want to dwell on the details.

At the reception… a bit dewy after the church ceremonies, but still looking fab enough, methinks. ^_^
Fresh out of hair and makeup…Hair and Makeup was done by a pro, Β but I made him/her used some of my favorite makeup:Β SkinFood Black Egg Pore Foundation/Β Skin Food Gold Caviar Moist Fitting Cake/ Majolica Majorca Lash Enamel Glamour On/ For my lips, he combined/layered (or what have you’s) my two Laneige Lipsticks, which I had with me that time… Laneige LR 06 Fresh Pink and the R214 Shine Red. I’m truly loving these, so I’m hoping to get more of them. Plus, I’ll do a the full review asap.Β 
Just look at those lashes…call me trivial, but I’m now a fan of the false eyelashes. You just really have to get the right pair. I think these look so natural, and just rightly accentuates the eyes. By the way, I had my brows done too..threaded, tweezed, and even colored. ;-D
For my gown, I chose to accent it with a studded black makeshift belt, instead of going for an all yellow gown, just to complement the black suits the guys were wearing. On a more practical note, it also allowed me to use the same pair of Nine West shoes too from the rehearsal dinner, so I didn’t have to pack for two pairs of shoes.Β 
I just can’t help admiring these necklaces, which the couple wore on their traditional wedding money dance, which is said for good fortune. These necklaces were made of paper dollar bills. ;-DΒ 

My accessories, which I’ll do a separate post, were mostly with butterfly charms accented fashion jewelries from Accessorize, and SM Department Store.

Oh wow, this sure is some major cam whoring post. I guess this is just about right, since I might take a while to be back on shape, so I’m veering away from taking photos of myself for now since the food feasting still continues, and it’s really taking a toll on my weight. 😦 So I’m mostly lingering in the past. Haha! ;-D

Anyhow, I need recommendations on great false eyelashes just to get me started on d.i.y. applications. Please do share. ;-D Have a fab day! Happy Weekend! ;-D


  1. i have never been fond of false eyelashes because i think they are too pretentious – you know, people knowing that they are not really your natural eyelashes. but the one that you have do not look like that at all (false, i mean). you're right they look natural on your eyes. and you look really fab in your dress!


  2. I love falsies, I buy from The Face Shop, it's a little pricey that the generic ones but I love the quality and you can even choose on different designs. πŸ™‚ You just gave me an idea to do a blog post about it..soon and stay tuned! πŸ™‚ hahaha!


  3. The first thing I noticed about the first picture was the eyelashes ❀ I really love the way your eyes were framed by them lashes πŸ˜‰ You mentioned in a comment on my post that you used Laneige. Sabi ko na nag-combine ka ng two shades kasi it's not like how Shine Red looks by itself haha XD Love the combination of Shine Red and Fresh Pink. Wagi!And your dress is so cute and chic :3 Tamang-tama lang.Super love your fabulousness (if there is such a word!) here ❀


  4. Awww…thanks ladies for your sweet notes! πŸ˜€ @Rebel Sweetheart: thanks sis! :)@Mommy Wendy: My thoughts too before, but now, I'm a believer! :)@Gellie: Thanks Sis! πŸ™‚ @Donnarence: Awww…thanks! I tried checking the case where he got them, it's unbranded. @Angel: Awww…Thanks Sis! πŸ™‚ @Aileen: Thank you! :)@Chinadoll: Thanks Coline. I'll wait for your post. :)@Clair! Super thanks! And they still have stocks in MOA, I'm thinking of getting other shades…addict haha! πŸ™‚


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