Boracay ATV and Go Kart *Pix Heavy

Hi! I might be going on another blogging hiatus since we will be spending the weekends in Manila, so I’ll quickly post as much as I can. We actually had more visitors today, about 20 of us now cozying up in our humble abode. We treated them to my dad’s famous sisig, and served them the same food we got last time from Toll House. They’re outside playing XBox Kinect, while waiting for their hotel check-in. We got them a villa at The Enclave to stay overnight. So here I am, sneaking in my room to blog. Haha! ^_^ Anyhow, I had the pictures ready continuing from our Boracay Zipline adventure, so I’m off raving once again. ;-D

All geared up. Trying out Borcay ATV. 

Chic & Sassy Tips: I recommend having a alcohol/sanitizer handy, so you can spray on the helmets, sanitize it of some sort, just before you wear them. ;-D

There will be a quick briefing for instructions, and waiver signing. 
The ATV trail has two main stops, the Aviary Farm and the Ocean Tower. We got the Zipline + ATV tour for Php 820 per person, but you have to pay Php 100+ (will update) for the entrance to the 2 stops. 

As aforementioned, the trail is not off-road, there’s actually a cemented route for the ATV/Buggy. Anyhow, it was still exciting for me, since there were a couple of uphills, downhills, twists, and turns. But  I guess, it could be a bit slow-paced for those who’re used to the fast lane, since you have to follow a speed limit, no overtaking, and in a way you’re in a line. But I’m fine with it, I like things slowly but surely. ;-D

Boracay Aviary Farm. I’m not sure if I’m breaking some animal protection campaigns by taking a photo with Mr. Bat, but I was half-hearted. So sorry. But yes, I don’t have a picture with a snake yet, so why not with a bat. I braved taking a pose. 
This White Umbrella Cockatoo is so good! He/She happened to be the same kind as Nigel in Rio, but he’s just the cutest! He’s actually very talkative! I like to have him. ;-D

O.O.T.D. – I’m wearing a Diesel (obviously backless) top…and layers of sunblocks. Haha! ;-D

We had a quick stop…took some photos, and then, we’re off to the ocean tower. I wish they can keep the place, and the cages cleaner though.

The stepsss to the Boracay Ocean Tower. 
I was sweaty and flushed after the climb. Haha! Poor unhealthy me!
The climb was worth it. The Boracay Ocean Tower gives you a 360 degrees view of the island. 
Enjoying Boracay Island’s panoramic view.

On top was a food shop selling fruit shakes/Korean ramyuns (with Koreans owning/managing the tour), and more. But once we’re done taking pictures to our hearts’ content, we went down, and took the ride back. But we want more, so we negotiated to get a good rate for the Go-Kart. We ended up paying Php 500/each for 25 minutes around the track.

It was another exciting ride. We all feel like drifting at the twists and turns. 
It was a bit hard to reach the pedals, and the fact that I was on flipflops didn’t help too. But I got the hang of it. I just made sure to avoid my speeding hubby and cousins, not to get in their way, and avoid the pile-ups. We had to be reminded…ladies and gentlemen, this was not a bump car ride! ;-D
I’m victorious! ;-D I’m kidding, we took turns taking the first. Haha! ;-D

Overall, it was a very good day in Boracay. Now, I look forward doing some of the stuff over again… the Zipline definitely, the Buggy next time so Chase can join us, and another round of the go-kart too, even though the go-kart ride left me with sore muscles thereafter. ;-D 


  1. Hi! Sorry to ask. I believe i was not able to see the Go Kart price. How much is that? Thanks for this blog. Very helpful!


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