Boracay Zipline…Must try!

Before I go on posting about girly stuff (I have a lot! my recent The Face Shop, and eBay Korean haul etc. ^_^) , I’m so excited to share the rest of our fun-filled Boracay getaway. Thankfully, Chase was feeling better came Day 3, it’s also a good day to bond with his grandparents, so he stayed behind, while we’re off exploring Boracay’s land attractions. We love Boracay, I novelized my ravings here and here too. But it’s the first time we ventured on the island’s land activities. It’s also a feat for me, it’s like I took a big leap of faith…haha, theatrics aside, but I’m not really an adrenaline junkie, so doing the zipline was definitely something! I’m sure glad I did it, and I can’t get enough of it!

Ready to take the line.
Gearing up. Getting ready for the jump.
Zipline Boracay begins above the tenth hole at Fairways & Bluewater and landing on the beach below, with an elevation of 80 feet above sea level combined with a cable length of 300 meters and a slope of 30 degrees, the Zipline Boracay guarantees a spectacular view on top of an adrenaline rush that will supposedly keep us wanting for more. It didn’t disappoint! ;-D
View from the top of Boracay Fairways and Bluewater Zipline. The line will end before the ridge on the right, with the blue platform to go down thereafter. Hubby was waiting for us here to capture the moments. 
I did it! It was so such a great experience. While I was having bouts of palpitations before my turn, seating on the edge with the winds blowing here and there, I could only marvel at the experience thereafter. I was actually left speechless, I only screamed when I was about to reach the ridge, and anticipating the force of the so-called brakes. The ride went by so fast. And after that, I want more! 
This is definitely must try. We negotiated for a Zipline and ATV tour for Php 820 per person. It’s great that we got a very nice and handy commissioner. They are usually the guys who offer tours. The tour included a ride back and forth the hotel. Our guide, Don, thankfully, was sort of adept on working around the DSLR to take turns in taking pictures. But hubby didn’t take it, so he paid Php 500 lesser. Php 500 for this is totally worth it! I’m definitely going back for this!
Next up is the ATV. The ATV is not your off-road ride, there’s a designated cemented route with couple of uphills and downhills, to two stops, the Aviary Farm and the Ocean Tower. I’ll do the post next. 😀
View on the other side of beach fronting Boracay Fairways and Bluewater. 😀
Visit the FB Page of Zipline Boracay for more details. 


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