Belated Holidays’ Gifts and More Giveaway Wins

Hi! As some of you may know, we just came back from our Visayas trip. Except for a major mishap on our Day 2 on Boracay (my son’s tummy ache progressed to stomach flu, which kept both of us in our room…thankfully, he was feeling better on Day 3) ย hence for my blogging hiatus…we had so much fun! ย Rewind to Day 1 of our vacation…I actually stayed for half a day in our room because I had to pack up. Our room was full of gifts. It’s such a happy problem to be faced with. We actually got more since hubby’s sister and aunts all from the US arrived and gave us more keepsakes (I love them!). I just didn’t had the time to take photos since we had to leave for the hotel a day before the wedding. Anyhow, here are the manna I can’t keep myself from raving, I just had to share. ^_^

Mine… Coach Tote Hand Bag, Bath & Body Works Carried Away (I chose this, because I have a matching lotion, and I love the scent)…and finally my Urban Decay’s finds from the sale last year.ย 
Urban Decay Vegan Palette, loose pigments, and more. I might actually sell some of these for a bargain, and use some for giveaway prizes too, since I already got the Urban Decay 15 Year Anniversary Palette (which is so nice!) as a prize from a giveaway.ย 
More Samsung 3D Glassesย + more 3D Blu Ray movies for us. iTunes Gift Card and XBox Live 4000 Microsoft points for Chase…Happiness! ๐Ÿ˜€
Old Navy Character Shirts for Chase and more…Optimus Prime, Iron Man etc., and Nike Shirts for hubby.
Disney Cars Lightning McQueen and Crayola Stationary Sets and Activity Workbooks + Spongebob Talking Cookie Jar

Chase got more Disney Cars shirts, toys, and more. Our gratefulness is overflowing. We had to ship a big boxful of goodies via Cebu Pacific Cargo the night before our flight. We maxed out our 15 kg. baggage allowance from the promo fares we had. We had to leave a luggage for my in-laws to bring today in our behalf. And guess what? I was even more delighted and grateful, since I had three more packages that welcomed me…making my homecoming extra sweeter than it already is, my giveaway and contests wins from Topaz Horizon, ย French Macaroons Online Boutique, and from Phiten Philippines (photo to follow…was too excited, I gave the matching bracelet to hubby right away ^_^). Thank You! 2012 Aja! Aja! Fighting! Bring on the luck! ;-D

I’ll be back asap to announce the giveaway winner, which ends soon. ;-D


  1. Hi Ms. Des,You're so luck to have generous in laws:)Chinadoll and I will watch out for your blog contest with urban decay as prize…hehehe. We're also interested if you'll sell some of them.


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