Day 1 Boracay Regency

Hi! Good morning, I’m surprisingly up way earlier in spite of the long day yesterday. Chase has a bad tummy, hopefully it’s nothing serious that a dose or several doses of Yakult won’t fix.

Anyhow, a drive to Boracay took about 4 hours plus a couple of stops, a flat tire, and some dinner mishaps afterwards. But all is well, hopefully, we are in paradise…fun, sun, and sand overload! 😀

Not to be missed mentioning were the pump boat ride from Caticlan to the jetty port. We had first time visitors so we had to go for the classic ride, instead of the fast craft. Albeit, we took the multi-cab jeep afterwards, instead of the tricycle.

Just have to say, Boracay Regency is huge! The new wing behind the main hotel is just so captivating with the grand pool and all. Although, we’re staying at the main building. It’s actually even more a treat to be on the first floor with few steps off the beach front plus another cozy pool just outside our room too. A dip was so inviting, we couldn’t resist.

Dinner was very eventful at the Red Coconut. But, all is well now, I won’t dwell on it.

After tucking Chase to sleep, we’re off to getting our dose of Boracay massage. Although we’re saving the by-the-beach treat for later. We went to the spa with the most reasonable price… Php 950 for an hour treat of Thai Herbal ball massage at this place near Regency. Overall, it was worth it… Thankfully! 😀

Boracay Regency is the place to be! 😀
Our Room with a great view…swimming pool and few steps away from the beach! 😀
On our way to Boracay Station 2 Hotel via the Multi-cab.
Boracay Regency Family Room
The New Wing of Boracay Regency…a welcoming site indeed! ;-D
Boracay Thai Herbal Ball Massage
Just outside our room…I liked this side of Boracay Regency, albeit the room furnishings are a bit out dated, but at least you get a private pool unlike the pool overlooking the lobby. And it’s just few steps off the walkway and the beach. ;-D
Boracay Regency Lobby
To the beach…off we go! ^_^
Sunscreen Protected with Skin Food Platinum Grape Cell Essential BB Cream. ;-D


  1. pogi pogi naman ni chase dito! you're looking good din sis! I'm sure a lot to blog when you come back! can't wait 🙂 oh, and try Zorb – the giant ball with people inside. lol. I heard it's fun! have fun sis! 🙂


  2. Des, we also stayed at Boracay Regency for our office outing. My room was in the first floor — in your 6th pic, behind where the lady in green is standing, in front of that koi pond 🙂 Nag-swimming pool hopping kami diyan hahaha! Hope Chase gets well soon!- May


  3. Hi! Thank you all so much for the lovely words. 🙂 @Angel: The massage was so good actually! Lucky for me though I got a good masseuse. @Zamsmom: Thank you. He's back to his usual self on Day 3. Thanks. :)@Gie: Thanks. We didn't try the Zorb, but we did other stuff. :)@supergirlhero: Hi May, thanks. True, a lot of pools. :)@Mommy Wendy: Thanks. 🙂 @Kumiko: Massage + Beach = Love…happiness!^_^ Thanks.


  4. Great post you have here! I love all your photos and I keep on reading your blog again and again. Activities in Boracay are really exciting and enjoyable. You must also try Island hopping adventure some time and you'll definitely enjoy.


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