Sale Finds at Rockwell Power Plant Mall

Every so often, my Manila trips would always allow me to have unlimited access to the Power Plant Mall in Rockwell, more than I need even. I applaud the fact that it provides open access to the mall to/from the basement parking lots even before and after the mall hours. I’m usually there before it opens since hubby’s work is just across.Thank goodness for several coffee shops nearby. Anyhow, Power Plant is a very cozy mall. I like it. Except that it few of my favorite stops are not there (e.g. Accessorize, and perhaps more spa choices). Yesterday and usually January is a very good time to shop. I’m actually doing a sort of belated holiday shopping, since I didn’t really go Manila at the latter part of 2011. And my, the SALE signs are everywhere. Expect more further reductions by end January. ^_^

Trucco, La Senza, Zara, Dorothy Perkins…Mostly mine! Yay! ;-D

Just in case you missed it, I’ve been talking about it a while, we’re going on a trip. It’s for tomorrow. Unlike the usual vacations we have with my in-laws in Iloilo, we usually have the luxury of having our clothes laundered, so we usually pack light. But not on this trip, since we will be staying mostly at the hotel. So naturally, I indulged…wardrobe refill is in order! ;-D

After my trip to Lay Bare Waxing Salon, prettier things are in order, methinks. Ribbons, Hearts, Laces, Pink…what’s not to love?!  ^_^ They’re on Sale. I want more! ;-D Total Bill: Php 3500.
La Senza’s fitting room… all pretty and girly things overload! ;-D
Poor Picture, so sorry…but it’s my new LBD ++ (Little Black Dress) with floral prints from Dorothy Perkins, and my, I got in in Small. Yay! Truth was, it’s the last piece so I can’t really gain any more pounds, or else. I’m wearing this for the rehearsal dinner on Monday.  Sale Price at Php 750+.
From Trucco. It’s a Spanish Brand. I’m not really a connoisseur  with this brand, but these are pretty good finds. Naturally, I got most of the colors of the style. Blue, White, Red. And a blue printed skirt. Total Bill: Php 2000
From Zara. I got two sweat pants for Chase with a “JOCK” embroidered prints. Nice. And then this uber cute top for me… Meeoow. Love the Pink Ribbon! Php Total Bill: Php 2000

Great day indeed for me…sale shopping at its finest. ;-D I’m just in need of some more accessories and I’m all set for tomorrow. I have more errands today, and then packing time tonight. I have more ravings from yesterday’s field trip. I’ll try to do another post later tonight. Have a great day! ;-D


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