Lay Bare and Waxing

Hi! Yesterday was another Manila Field trip. It was super productive day. As always, I had an early start since I went with hubby. The malls were still close. I’m also suppose to attend an event, but I had to miss it, since the schedule conflicted with the home owners’ of the unit we were supposed to view. Anyhow, since I had time, before hubby’s lunch hour, I braved going for my first ever waxing (at least in the you know where ^_^). Call me naive or even trivial, but I’m sharing this feat anyway. ;-D

Lay Bare Waxing Salon in SM Megamall.
All giddy before my turn.

Lay Bare Waxing Salon is one of the Blogapalooza partner. I held on to the Free Bikini Wax gift certificate since it had a longer expiration date, and I saved it for our upcoming Boracay Trip. I’m not new to waxing per se, I do my upper and lower lips. While for my brows, I go for threading and tweezing. As for the rest, I go fo shaving. I was there as soon as the mall opened, but to my surprise, there were already two girls who beat me, I had to wait. And there were a couple more after me. And my, going for brazilian seems to be the in thing. Being the late bloomer that I am, I’m going only for the Bikini Wax. I was too timid to even note it.

Friendly Reminders and Waxing Facts. I was a bit bothered because I was wearing Tight Clothing (jeans), and I just had a cup of coffee. Hmmm…for a moment I almost backed out. Haha! ;-D And then I saw this lady coming out, who I presumed had the Brazilian, and she was in jeans too, and she was okay! 

No time to back out, I was already ushered inside the room. I told her, it’s my first time. And even braved asking, “should I get a brazilian too?” She told me to try going for the bikini first. Haha. It was no frills. She was so professional. I was embarrassed, I might had babbled or something, but she went on doing the preparation nonchalantly. I felt relieved, sort of. It seemed no big deal at all.

This is the cold sugar jelly wax, it’s suppose to be all natural. I had to say, all-powerful even to deliver! Haha! ;-D

So here is the deal…if you had threading done in your eyebrows regularly and some tweezing, multiply the suspense and breath-holding (at least I do that) by 3 or 5. I did not scream! But I was sweating from hyperventilating a bit, haha. But it was all fleeting. It took less than 30minutes, I think. I tell you, it was pretty! Haha! ^_^ So I’m a bit ready for Boracay, except I’m not sure if I’ll be brave to don a 2-piece swimsuit, my flabs are killing me! Haha! So I’ll keep this post sticky, I might update you on how is it for the coming weeks, and if I will be brave to go back again after 6 weeks.

Go for it! Lay Bare waxing services rates. ;-D

Oh! The things we do for… But more than that, Lay Bare waxing offers more benefits vs. other hair removal procedures, visit Lay Bare Philippines official site to learn more.


  1. Hi 🙂 I love lay bare's waxing service. I already have my premiere loyalty card last December. almost 3 years na din ako nagpapa thread or ua wax and twice brazilian 😉


  2. hmmm… i'll just tell you the details of my comment when i see you after your bora trip. i was grinning though while reading this. hi hi! fyi i already had brazilian twice. there's a good waxing salon in a.c.


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