My Wishbox from Seoul *Pix Heavy

Annyong haseyo! ^_^ Mail is here, it’s a boxful of Korean Cosmetics and an uber pretty purse from Wishtrend Korea. I hold a special tendre for it because it’s my first giveaway win for 2012. It’s a good buena mano, so they say, because after it, I had two more wins from online contests and giveaways. Joining is free anyhow, and I’m feeling extra lucky for 2012….positive vibes only, please indulge me! ;-D

WISHTREND…delivering the Trendy Goods and Culture from Korea. ;-D What’s in a box? ^_^
Voila! ;-D Giveaway Prizes are the Rainbow Zipper Purse and LiZK Color Veil, plus freebies (The Face Shop, SKinFood, Etude, Missha, Shiseido, Sulwhasoo and more)…Love them! 😀
Rainbow Zipper Pouch Designed by Namzia Market
It’s such a pretty! The functionality is superb! It holds all those Korean goodies. Being a zipper purse, you literally can open it wherever. ^_^
LiZK Color Veil is the Step 3 in the LiZ secret therapy by Make-Up Artist Kim Chung Kyung. It features achieving UV protection(SPF 50+) with foundation effect that evens your skin complexion. I got mine in Shade 20 Natural Shade. The SPF 50+, PA+++ is just love! I’m so looking forward to trying it out. ;-D
Dear Wishtrend, I’m delighted! I love everything! ;-D Kamsahamnida! ^_^

To start shopping for your own wish box, visit Wish Company on Facebook. 


  1. wow!! thats a lotta goodies…lovely products…and zipper pouch is so cute because of the bright colors and funky because of its concept..very nice ^_^~


  2. Hi Des! 🙂 So happy for you. The prizes are so lovely. Lucky lucky lucky you! ❤ The rainbow pouch is gorgeous haha. And it looks big! Pwede sa akin yung ganyang pouch hahaha.


  3. VERY NICE!!! I have yet to win a giveaway like this. Hehehe I'm a bit unlucky when it comes to these raffle draws. Envious of your haul. hehehe


  4. Awww…thanks everyone for those sweet words! This win just reinforces my love for Korean Cosmetics. 🙂 and these Korean companies are catering to my whims, they're spoiling me big time. :-D@Clair: Thanks Clair! It's big, and spacious, and so pretty. 🙂 Thanks for the heads up on my win. 🙂


  5. That zipper pouch is gorgeous!Thanks for the G+ follow, following and +1'ed you back! Also following on FB and Twitter. <3~Samhttp://serialaccessmom.blogspot.com/


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