Missha got me Organizing

Hello everyone! Happy Monday! πŸ˜€ I’m overwhelmed with several good stories to share, but I’ll do a shopping + Korean finds post first, my cup of tea! ^_^ After my first shopping bag for the year 2012, to some happy turn of events I find myself having more of them. Of course, not to be missed is my eBay shopping to my favorite seller, Bhappywithme. I got some new things, some refills, and some wins from the auction. Here’s a great buy indeed…

Missha Cotton Puff Case won at Php 89 bid price…for the win! ;-D

The picture on eBay won’t do justice to this both pretty and functional item. It’s an acrylic with embossed Missha’s logo and signature flower artworks. Truth be told, I’m not yet an adept connoisseur of the brand. But a friend has only praises for the brand, and now with this, I’m willing to indulge very soon.

The pretty cotton puff case would nicely adorn any vanity table,methinks, but here’s the bump, I don’t have one! Moving from one place to another didn’t give me the luxury of getting my own dresser. The previous places we stayed were either furnished with one, or too bulky to move every time. But I do have my desk, so I set out to start organizing. ;-D

I bought 3 sets of this 4-Drawer Jewelry Organizer from True Value. They’re at 30% off, about Php 700 each Β sale price.Β 
For my necklace and bracelets, I got a acrylic jewelry stand, also on sale at Php 315. Β 

I only got one yesterday, but had to go back earlier today to get more. Yay! ;-D They’re pretty pricey for me, but hubby bought a Php 4000+ shoe rack, so why not?!

Voila! ^_^ So far, so good…I’m seriously keeping my self from buying more of everything (more drawers, more makeup, and more accessories). I still don’t have that much space to keep everything in one desk, and they don’t have organizers in 3 or 2-drawer to house bigger items. So I’m still keeping my BB Creams alike in a separate nook.Β 

Call me trivial, but I’m so elated just by looking at them. ;-D Here’s to more pretty things to come…Cheers! ;-D

P.S. I’m so excited to start right away, I didn’t take photo of the empty drawers. I instead got them from Google and here.


  1. @miss Purple: Yay! True, great seller, and gives freebies too. ;-D@Ana: May the best bidder wins! Yay! Cheers! ;-D@Zamsmom: Thanks! True, super love them! If only they're not that pricey, I'll get more! πŸ™‚


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