Laneige SALE and House Hunting (Updated)

Hello everyone! I truly didn’t mean to go an a brief hiatus, I’ve committed myself to try to be more diligent in my posting, but between this and that, I suddenly find myself so busy. I’ve been out and about shopping (mostly for my son and some for me…yay!), eBaying, (children’s) partying ;-D, house and school hunting, dining out, and more. ;-D Anyhow, I hope not to bore you, but I’ll be back for more girly stuff asap…expect more Korean Cosmetics including Laneige Yay! ;-D But for now, just want to quickly tell you how it feels so good to be back in Manila, nothing permanent yet, it’s just for a day. Oh well…feeling mixed emotions.

East Raya Gardens by DMCI. This is by far our most favored clubhouse/condo facilities and amenities yet…except it’s too far out from our comfort zone, which is Ortigas Center.

We’re expecting a big move to the metro just right after Chase’s finish this school year. So we had to look for a place to move into, we went to a couple of condos, townhouses, villages from all over yesterday. It was quite tiring, but exciting.Β We haven’t decided yet, but we’re seriously considering two places. Nothing final, but we’re hoping for the best…to be back (Home Sweet) Home! ;-D

Oui madame/madamoiselle, I made it to Laneige Shangri-la branch, and did my very first shopping.Β Je t’aime!Β Β πŸ˜€

Laneige (snow in French) is another Korean Brand. It’s endorser is the uber pretty Song Hye Kyo. You’d probably know her because of Autumn in my Heart a.k.a. Endless Love, and Full House (with Rain). I have to say, she’s one of the prettiest! ;-D Truth be told, this is the brand that I’m truly trying myself not to be hooked. You ought to know that I tend to be over to things that I love…like my deep fondness of this, and that too.Β Laneige is overall on the pricey side for me, meaning minimal online/e-bay alternative shopping options, so I’m keeping it off limits then, but not for long. To my delight, a friend gave me a box of the Hydra Solution Mask. Oh my, not to preempt the review, it’s love at first try. And some more happy turn of events, while looking around the shop, the sales attendant, who happens to be my cabalen (more yays to that ;-D), told me that these pretty Snow Crystal Moisture Lipsticks are on Buy 1, Take 1, that’s Php 950 for two. I got 4, I gave the other one to a friend. And a couple of trial packs. So yes, I’m so excited to indulge! I’m seriously considering getting more of the lipsticks. Oh my…good luck to my wallet! ^_^

I got three shades SYR 04 Tea Beige, LR 06 Fresh Pink, R214 Shine Red. I gave the 4th piece to a friend. I’ll do a review asap. ;-D

That’s it for me today…it’s meant to be a quick post, but I got carried away. Happy Weekend! ;-D

P.S. I’ve been mall hopping for the past days, it’s all SALE signs everywhere! ^_^


  1. @Rebel SweetHeart: Thank you so much! πŸ™‚ Hoping for the best….rate! haha! ;-D@Joyce: So true. Hoping to finally find ours. :)@Marge: Awww…thanks! πŸ™‚ When you write about Laneige, I'm keeping my best not to join, trying not to be affected! Haha! I gave in to the temptation! ^_^


  2. Laneige is on sale? Up until when? πŸ™‚ i wish they had a facebook page they update everday…can't seem to get much info about laneige, have to hunt blogs pa. haha!


  3. weeeee!!! I'm done with the gift sets i got from the Iope line. so just yesterday i opened my Laneige perfect renew cream (which has been waiting for 3 months, hahaha)… enjoy!!!!


  4. I've read so much good stuff about Laneige from Marge and I swear, when I read about the buy 1 take 1 from you, I couldn't resist buying a couple for myself πŸ˜‰ Hope everyone interested in their lippies will be able to avail of their promo right now. πŸ™‚ I think in Trinoma it's mostly the Snow Crystal Moisture and Snow Crystal Melting (kinda like lip gloss/lip butters) that are on the promo πŸ™‚


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