First Shopping Bag

It’s usual for sellers, at least here in the Philippines, to regard and to wish for “buena mano” on their first sale, which is to have a “good hand”, sort of.  So in the end, superstitions in play, if you get a good hand at the start of the day, it sets the precedence. So I couldn’t help cheering on my first in-store shopping bag for 2012. I only hope for better things to come! Yay! ;-D

My first shopping bag for 2012 is from Marks and Spencer! 😀
3-part set. Long sleeves studded blouse, Blue Sleeveless Cardigan, Scarf at 40% off Php 2750 Orig Price to Php 1650 Sale Price. 😀
This ensemble makes layering easy peasy. Each can be worn separately, so the possibilities of mixing and matching are endless. Yay! 😀 We also availed the Php 300 discount/reward card, which is valid for three years. I’m not really a M&S connoisseur, but I do like getting my girl’s stuff from here. But maybe with this buy, I might be visiting more often. ;-D
How about you, what’s your buana mano shopping steal/s for 2012? ;-D


  1. Thanks! 🙂 Nice indeed! 🙂 I'm looking for blue tops so I can pair them with my blue fitflop pair. haha! 🙂 Traditional way of doing things parin ako, Matchy, match…;)


  2. @Gellie: I'll try to do one asap. 🙂 Yay! Best News for me today! Thanks! :)@Jei: Ayyy, true…that's what I mean, I read it over and over, and I couldn't see the overlook until much later. Thanks for pointing it out! 🙂


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