Review: SkinFood Pomegranate Hair Pack

Yay! ;-D I’m feeling quite diligent today, so I’ll do a post for my recent SkinFood haircare pack a la conditioner. Since I got it for my eBay gift card prize, I didn’t really feel the dent on my pocket, but 3 weeks of using it, I’m starting to lament that there are just few pumps left of it. Albeit, I tried extending my usage by alternately using other brands, only to notice the difference so I just went on standing by it. 

SkinFood Pomegraante Hair Pack comes in a 320 ml bottle pump dispenser. It sells for Php 800 in eBay, Php 1200+ on the SkinFood shops. So yes, for a 320ml bottle, it’s my priciest haircare item to date.  
Product Description: Containing estrogen-enriched pomegranate extract, this hair conditioner keeps the scalp clean and healthy while minimizing hair loss and promoting growth for dramatic volume.
To Use:  After shampooing, smooth down the conditioner, and then massage for 2 to 3 minutes. Rinse off. I even leave it on longer. ^_^
Ingredients. Anyhow, Pomegranate is said to have several benefits, for hair it has revitalizing  properties amongst other else. 
Swatch. Usual conditioner consistency. I know that I’ve seen an actual pomegranate, but I  honestly don’t know the scent. This one is medicinal/herbal-scented that I can’t make out (so sorry), but it’s pleasing and invigorating even. Albeit, doesn’t linger long, at least for me. I have to qualify that I actually have the tendency to be unscented, it has something to do with my skin ph level, that rarely do scents linger. The only one that proved to be powerful is the L’Occitane hair care lines. 
  • 3 weeks on it, I still have hair fall, but there’s a noticeable decline overtime. Believe me, I’m so tempted to count, just to really make sure that this is actually worth it. ;-D I have to say that mine are still on the normal hair fall level base from here
  • No Breakouts! 😀 I noticed that other brands do break me out.  
  • No itch/flakes.
  • Leaves an Über clean feel.
  • Has a vacuum sealed-like bottle, that makes dispensing super fast and easy. 
  • Leaves hair silky and soft. ;-D
  • For a 320 ml bottle, so pricey! 
  • I’m hoping for a more lingering scent. 
  • When I’m applying it, it doesn’t glide as smooth as say a Pantene Conditioner. It’s much like how the Fresh Cabbage Hair Mask feels while working it out on the scalp, so in effect I tend to use more just to satisfy the immediate moisturizing/softening feel. 
Overall, I reckon that reinforcing it with the matching shampoo would probably shows off better results, but I’m still keen on using Head & Shoulders alternately, and just opted to pair it with a more reasonably priced Korean Shampoo, Somang Red Flo Red Camellia Shampoo, which offers the same promised benefits anyhow. Needless to say, I’m more open to getting a more expensive conditioner than to a shampoo. 😀 
Will I repurchase? I’m seriously considering on getting another. If I can get hubby to pay for it, I’ll get one in a heart beat. ;-D I think it’s a bit bulky to ask a friend to get it for me in Korea, so maybe in the near future, if I do visit, I’ll be sure to stock on this. ;-D 
Love the drama of a wind-blown hair effect! ;-D
I noticed that I do get breakouts from other brands, so I had better get this again, or get a more reasonably-priced SkinFood hair pack, or go back to Dove Conditioner. Albeit, I’m tempted to try Shisheido’s Tsubaki or get the matching Somang Red Flo Conditioner. Anyone tried any of these, please do share? 😀


  1. Hi, can the skinfood pomogranate hair pack touches the scalp? I know that normal hair conditioner only allow to apply on hair. I just want to confirm before I start to use the two packets samples I received from the sales person. Thanks.Mandy


  2. Hi Mandy, this one says for the scalp, since there's a massage factor. Although, you made me think about the conditioner, I will ask the experts on this since I work for a hair care company. Will keep you posted!;-D


  3. Hi! I ask my brand manager friends on conditioner usage, it actually depends on several factors. First, depending on the product recommended usage, this one has reinforced benefits on scalp, so it can be applied on to scalp. Another is depending on your hair/skin type. If you're oily, then it's not recommended to apply conditioner to the scalp, only to the tips, and so on. So it's best that you use a hair care line that is suited to your type. ;-D


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