Luxe Stay at Hotel Vida Clark

So here’s how we squeezed in a last minute getaway for 2011, an overnighter at the Jr. Suite of Hotel Vida in Clark. But my, my, although barely few minutes drive from our home, it was still another hefty packing endeavor. We can’t just simply pack light! ;-D Anyhow, my previous post here detailed our membership to the Hotel Vida Widus Circle. And since our 2nd year’s membership is about to end sometime January 2012, we had to use the complimentary stay.

Our Bedroom…and that’s my son’s Thomas the Train trolley luggage. 😀 
The adjoining receiving area. 
This time, we were able to get a room with the view of the pool. 😀 
The Junior Suite comes with a semi-kitchenette/dining area with Ref, Microwave, and Courtesy Tray with Nescafe Kettle, complimentary coffee and tea. 
Toilet and Bath, and amenities. Hair Dryer though can be found in the dresser. We really didn’t stay longer except for a night’s sleep, so a dip in the tub instead of the pool, was enough to make my son’s illusions of fancy living come true. 😀

Unlike our first stay, where in we really stayed in the hotel premises enjoying all the amenities (swimming pool, gym, restaurants), this time, we quickly checked in and left for a party nearby. Only to return for sleeping. But not before indulging in some Korean Ramyun time…. ✌

No, we didn’t get it from the Mini-bar, because, as expected it sells for Php 120/cup. 
Ramen Time! Yay! ;-D To satisfy our cravings, we dropped by Puregold Clark to get our own cups, which sells for Php 40+/cup. We don’t really know the flavors and all, so I just got one of each kind, but I recommend getting the Blue Cup with English wordings of “Mild”. The others are either too spicy for our taste, or too seafood flavored. ^_^
Breakfast Buffet at Salt.

Our first membership didn’t include a complimentary breakfast, but for our renewal, it comes with complimentary buffet breakfast for two. They served the usual hotel buffet breakfast offerings, plus a lot more… it also serves kimchi, cucumber salad, Korean Soup station, and more Korean dishes. Mainly because the hotel is owned by a Korean company, and is actually frequented by Korean tourists who love golf so much, methinks. ;-D With my hubby and son’s prominent chinky eyes, we’re actually greeted enthusiastically with “Annyeonghaseyo!“, which is hello in Korean. ;-D

I just can’t get enough of ramen… I had to sample the soup, albeit I opted for rice noodles. ;-D

But it was time to go, no late check out for us because it’s December 31st, we had to do some last minute shopping for our New Year’s Eve feast. ;-D

My son does really love fancy living, so we’re looking forward for more R&R for 2012. 

For more of our stay at Hotel Vida, and membership perks, please read here. It was another pleasing stay, and one of many great adventures for year 2011, we’re so looking forward for more. ;-D

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