My very own Jan Di Shoes

Happy New Year! πŸ˜€ May the best of your 2011 be the worst of your 2012! Life can only get better! 2012 Aja, Aja, Fighting! ^_^ Needless to say, this is my first ever post for 2012, although there were earlier events (both good and not so good) that I can’t wait to share, think it’s best to do a feel-good post foremost. No surprise here, it’s a shopping spree post, with shoes. Yay! ;-D

My last minute steals from Nine West…Love! πŸ˜€

Albeit my happiness for collecting casual comfy shoes a la my pairs ofΒ FitFlopβ„’, I still long for those jeweled/studded stilettos a la Geum Jan Di’ shoes in Boys Over Flowers, the pretty pair that Han Chae Young’s Seo Hyun character gifted to Jan Di with such compelling phrase…”Good shoes take you to good places.” So true! From then on, I’m on a quest to get my very own pair. But there’s a major glitch, I don’t think I can wear high heels let alone stilettos, my usual klutzy self is shying away from those. But my, my, I was so wrong. I have to say that I just really need a good pair and a good brand, that will keep me walking steady, less the wobble, and Nine West is IT! ;-D

First pair…Black Platform Jeweled/Studded Stilettos
Black Strappy Platform Stilettos

They come with a good 3-3.5.inch heels, so to strut with them confidently and comfortably even, are feats definitely worth raving about. I will be back with a better photo documentation. And an outfit post maybe. I got them at Nine West in Marquee Mall.

Any how, as always, I can’t wait to babble on how my days were for the past two days, but I haven’t gotten importing the pictures just yet. But just so you know, last night’s (or morning) hullabaloo, I feel more blessed than ever. I’m praying for discernment, for safety, for peace.

Have a Blessed New Year! πŸ˜€


  1. @Wonder Woman: Thanks! So looking forward to wearing them…:))@Tin: I tried the flats, but find them just the average, but the heels, love them. :)) They're on sale here. πŸ™‚


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