10 Fab FitFlop™ Finds

Yay! My secret quest to own at least 10 pairs of FitFlop™ finally came to reality. I’ve found a way to get my balance 3 pairs by requesting them as gifts for our Anniversary, Christmas, and Birthday. I’ve novelized my ravings of the brand here, here, and here too. It all started with my first ever reliable pairs of (Pair 1 & 2) Walkstars, to the (Pair 3) Positano, to (Pair 4) Hooper, and then to another (Pair 5 complements of the brand) Red Walkstar. Oh my, by the way this is another post of #I-love-everything-about-something, just to manage expectations. I have to tell you beforehand, that I will again sound/act like Bubba, FitFlop™ is now for the mean time, my shrimps. (Just in case, Bubba is from Forest Gump, he endlessly talks about shrimps. Haha! ;-D) Anyhow, here goes my fabulous FitFlop™ pairs…

What’s in a box? ;-D
My FitFlop™ DASH of Happiness…Stylish travelers, this is for you! The cute new DASH ankle boot is fresh, simple and fun, with a microfiber-lined suede upper, decorative cross instep strap and adjustable side buckle (so it fits a variety of feet). Dressed up with bubble skirts and tights or down with skinny jeans and socks, the Dash is a smash!

I’m so dreaming to wear boots! Albeit, I have yet to rock an outfit with them. I had a perfect outfit last Christmas, with my bubble skirt and all, but I opted instead to wear the black Happy Gogh. Anyhow, I’m armed with fabulousness on my next out of the country trip.

My pairs of FitFlop™ Happy Gogh…Black, Red, and Blue. Love, love, love them. 😀 

I know right, I only got the basic colors, you know me or better yet you know hubby ;-D. We got them on SALE. So you see, I’m no big spender, I’m just indeed a wise shopper (haha! talk about rationalizing splurging ^^). Anyhow, these are truly very comfy. Although, some would find them a bit sweat-inducing with the sunny weather, and the warm material, what I do is spray on Dr. Scholl’s foot refresher spray. And tada! I’m all set.

Ditch your plain Janes for a ROKKIT, man. FitFlop’s new, absolutely dazzling sparkly sandal has so much glitter, it may just launch a flight of frenzy. With layer after layer of shimmering crystal beads on a super-soft leather upper, it can be dressed down (with denim) or up (for dinner!). Built on FitFlop’s Microwobbleboard™ midsole, so you get a workout while you walk.™

My Rokkit, my precious. 😀 And maybe, in few years time, I can finally make sense on owning my very own limited edition Rock Chic. For the mean time, I’m H-A-P-P-Y, and so are my feet. 😀

Outfit of the Day’s matched with a pair of FitFlop™ 😀

I have more outfits with FitFlop™, it’s just that I don’t really do OOTD pix. But I promise, without fawning and theatrics aside, FitFlop™ are worth every ravings. My black Walkstar pair is still very much alive, albeit in need of retiring, so I instead used it for my house slippers. You can opt to get the latest designs, which are a lot and so compelling (as in!), or weather it out a bit, and wait for some SALE promotions. ;-D Anyhow, their designs albeit a year or two old will never go out of style. So yes, penny-pinching aside, I’m more than elated of my stash, of the 10 pairs, we bought 9 pairs, so yes, they’re truly worth it. Thank you Hon! 😀

For more details, and seasonal promotions, please visit FitFlop™ Ph or ResToeRun on Facebook. ;-D I actually bought my 7 pairs at ResToeRun Marquee Mall, I love them. ;-D 


  1. wow des! that's one fab fitflop collection! i only have a couple of pairs to date and im still waiting for a rokkit sale hopefully this year. really want the black one too. this footwear brand is quite pricey but once you've owned a pair you'll start looking forward to getting your second, your third … and in your case you got your tenth! 😉


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