Not Another Korean Cosmetics Haul

It’s by some strange turn of events that we’re actually missing our usual weekend/daily visits at the malls. For goodness sake, I haven’t even visited SkinFood Marquee for my Gold Kiwi Gift Sets. I’m usually unstoppable, but we’ve been so busy lately, and hubby’s extra-tired with his daily back to back travels of Manila-Pampanga traffic, so he’s lately committed to be a home buddy. ;-D And naturally, my son is also enjoying his unlimited play time, so he’s also doubly decided to stay at home. So what’s left to do with a shopaholic SAHM like yours truly? Tada! Go eBay shopping! 😀

Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask. Somang RedFlo Red Camelli Shampoo, SkinFood Rice Masak Wash off and freebies. 

I needed to get a couple of SkinFood Rose Essence Tinted Lip Balm Mini’s for the giveaway prizes and gifts. Among with two auction wins, and Buy-it-now’s, I ended up stashing more Korean Cosmetics lovelies. I also received several queries on how I do e-Bay. I’ll do a brief run through below.

Before mask sheets, the SkinFood Rice Mask is my mainstay supplementary skincare item. I did a post of it here. I’ve since run out of it, so a refill was in order.

Somang RedFlo Camellia Hair Shampoo…yes, that’s Ku Hye Sun (Geum JanDi) sporting a long hair. ;-D

I tried few packs of it as freebies, and so far, it seems they’ll do just fine. Anyhow, a pack is way cheaper than the SkinFood Pomegranate Shampoo’s trial pack. So I’m pairing it instead with the SkinFood Pomegrenate Hair Pack.  I’ll be back to do a more detailed review for these new haircare items. I might also get the matching conditioner, which comes in 750ml bottle, definitely more affordable than SkinFood’s.

Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask

I also got several of them. I have sample packs of them from my recent freebies, but I only braved trying it out after reading a post from Mommy Wendy. I tried a pack, and it was love at first try. I’m already on my second pack.I really want to realize the pore tightening effect, so I’m waiting earnestly for it. I’m religiously incorporating the Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask on my skin care routine, few more weeks, then I’ll do my post. I’m such a hoarder… afraid that I’ll run out of it, I actually did a repurchase of them. Haha. ;-D

While we’re at eBay, I actually received several inquiries on How to buy, pay, etc. I’ll do a run through of eBay/Online shopping basics.

1.  Visit eBay Philippines at http://www.ebay.ph/. Register or Sign in.
2. Then just type the item that you would like to buy in the search box, much like googling it. Either that, or just go to the specific store or seller, if you know it.
3. Feedback scores mean a lot. It’s the number after the eBay ID, and have a color-coded star besides it. For the protection of both seller and buyer, you can read through the feedbacks available.
4. If you’re up for shopping several items, I suggest checking out ‘See other Items for Sale’ of a seller, to save on shipping. And don’t forget to request for combine shipping, or even free shipping, if ever. ;-D
5. If you’re not sure about the descriptions of the items, ask away. Don’t click ‘Bid’ or ‘Buy it now’ just yet.
6. Some sellers list their mobile numbers, others won’t. So just take time to ask for clarifications if needed either by texting or in the ‘Ask Seller’ option.If you have questions on just about anything (shipping, meet-ups, pick up etc.), please ask away.
7. Some sellers would also require a buyer for more details (contact numbers etc.), if you’re relatively new or have lower feedback scores. It takes time to build on your feedback scores. So avoid going into disputes, so as not to avoid negative feedback.
8. In my experience, so far most eBay sellers are friendly and competent. Communication plays a vital part. The sellers do list their items in the most detailed way possible, they also set their conditions or selling terms, if you don’t agree on some items, negotiate, or walk away.
9. For payment, I usually go for sellers that accepts PayPal payments. But before buying or bidding, please ask beforehand their accepted mode of payments (bank deposit, GCash, PayPal, etc.), if it’s not mentioned in the product listing just to avoid any unnecessary disputes in the future.
10. For auction, I usually have a walk away amount on my mind, especially if I don’t really need the item. With BHappywithMe, I think I have an advantage because I don’t pay for shipping. ;-D

I tried selling too, but I don’t really have much to offer, so I’m happily just buying. I hope those tips help, or for the more expert online shopper, please do share tidbits on other reliable online shopping ways and sites. 😀


  1. @Mommy Wendy: I read that you have sensitive skin, so if this one works for you, then it must be really nice. :)@ChinaDoll: Yay! She's from AC. 🙂 BHappywithMe is it. @Average Jane: You're welcome. I used to buy books from eBay. I buy by bulk to save on shipping too. What genre of books do you sell? 🙂


  2. thanks to google, i found this site! thanks ate! i just registered and i'm new at ebay shopping. do you have any recommended sellers? usually how many days does it take for your orders to arrive? 🙂


  3. @Ressa: Check out KPOP Collections Cosmetics, Accessories & Apparel on FB (my friend's ;-D) or BHappywithMe on EBay. ;-D I go for pick up with BHappywithMe, lucky me ;-D, but my online shopping usually takes about 2-3 days at most.


  4. Ate, kakatuwa naman. Bilis mo magreply! Ka-kaaddict pala magshop sa ebay through BHappywithMe. HAHAHA! Dami ko gusto itry na Innisfree stuff dahil nababanggit ng Korean students ko 🙂 Sige try ko yung sa friend mo. Thanks again!


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