Mother Butter

Oh my! I’m almost out of Mother Butter!

Leyende Mother Butter 

On my post dated November 26, I shared my first experience with Leyende’s Mother Butter, and I quote…

I’m using the Mother Butter Cocoa Butter Cream, and I love it. It reminds me a bit of Palmer’s, which I was an avid user during my pre/post pregnancy days. Only, this one is way better in terms of lingering scent, minus the grease. Plus, it’s organic, and all natural. Seriously, Mother Butter is love…so lightweight! ;-D So for the past days and nights, I’m lavishly applying it all over, hoping for some kind of miracle that it’s not too late, and I can still do something on my unsightly stretch marks. Or just indulge in sweet scented and moisturized state all throughout. ;-D

Almost a month after, I’m almost out of it. I’m in dire need of a refill. Shopping, coming up…;-D 
I’m using it to its fullest. 😀 Best of all, the scent is Hubby/Son tested and proven to be beyond great! And it’s a big plus, because they’re both Ms. Minchin reincarnated, when it comes to being very particular…haha ;-D). I truly love the lingering scent. Cocoa Butter love indeed! ;-D
I love it much…need I say more? ;-D

 Mother Butter is part of Leyende’s Real Benefits Campaign.

  • Mother Butter Cocoa Butter Body Moisturizer in Limited Edition Packaging with Crocheted Sleeve made from Recycled Plastic Bags 100mL sells for P450.00
    • Save a Mother, Save the Future! For every purchase of limited edition Mother Butter, you stave off stretchmarks and dry skin, and contribute P100 to help UNICEF’s Maternal and Neonatal Healthcare Program reach more expectant women in need from remote areas.

For more details…visit Leyende on their official website and/or FB page. ;-D

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