Must Have: ForMe Multi-Way Top

Convertible. Multi-way. Versatile…such powerful adjectives that speaks highly of the functionality of something. And I always go for those type. So when I saw the video campaign of ForMe’s Multi-way Top, I’m wowed! They said, it’s a resurrected style of the famed convertible dress, needless to say, I might have missed on that fashion phenomenon. Truth be told, I was a bit skeptical on the whole concept, it’s like a fresh out of a home tv shopping ad. I wanted to see it for myself, so I gave it a try at the store. My, my, it’s for real! πŸ˜€ So I was super delighted that ForMe gave me one for review.

Product Description: The Multi-Way Top is so versatile you can wear it any way you want! Just bring out that fabulous personal style and creativity, and you’ll surely have fun with this piece.Β 

First try…One Shoulder is love. ;-D
I’m not really the type to flaunt my arms, coupled with my hearty appetite and blame-it-on-genetics, I lack the confidence, but with the whole style, I love how it shows off the right skin and coverage to create an alluring one-shoulder outfit.Β Β 
With Chase. Matched with a lacy, vintagey Forever 21 skirt, it’s formal enough for a wedding event. πŸ˜€
My Cheat Book ;-D Photo taken from the Official ForMe Page.Β 
Go effortless chic! This one true to its style, I can pull it off anytime without looking at the ‘cheat book’. ;-D
I think this will remain to be my go-to style. It can go from casual, semi-formal, to even formal depending on what you pair it with. Versatile indeed. ;-D
Here’s how to get the look.Β 
Overall, I’m now a believer! I can’t wait to try out more of the styles. And hopefully get more creative along the way. I can’t get enough of black tops, so I made sure to get this in black too. The success of the multi-way top is people can’t really tell that this is just one top…although after this, they have to do second look. But I don’t think they can still tell! Tada! I have the luxury of wearing it over and over again, and at least my friends can’t tell. So I nail several styles and look without spending much. Love it. ;-D I recommend that you get a tight fitting size. I actually got it in Small.Β Yay! ;-DΒ Just to minimize excess fabrics when you do variety of twists and turns. The key to pulling a style that will hold is doing the string the right way. Do you have your own lookbook for it? Please do share. ;-D
For starter, ForMe presents 6 different styles of wearing it, with a step-by-step guide.The Multi-way top sells for P 1,098 in ForMe stores. Get it in rose pink, black, and gray.


  1. Awww…big thanks. :))@wickeRmoss: Yeah red will be super nice too! I'll do that. And it's funny, I was also looking for some red items in ForMe, they don't have any, at least in Marquee branch. @Mommy Ces: I'll try. :)) Thanks. @Lisa QC: Thanks! But I don't have the courage too, but go, you can do it too! :))@Chrisair: Awww, thanks. πŸ™‚


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