Samsung 3D + BluPass = Love

Instead of going on a trip or planning an elaborate wedding anniversary celebration last November, we instead treated ourselves with another gadget. It’s timely though that we’re able to take advantage of the ongoing Samsung promotion. We got ourselves a 3D ready TV.  Except that we only have two 3D glasses with us, since apparently there’s a queue for the orders.  Usually the appliance store would not sell their spare 3D glasses if you didn’t get the TV from them. I can only imagine the clamor for them, because it’s really taking home entertainment in a whole new experience. It’s amazing! 😀 So for the mean time, we have to take turns in watching. ;-D

The promotion allows us to get a 3D starter set with a 3D movie. For redemption, you get a wi-fi dongle, and a 3D Blu-ray player. I’ll talk more about the details once we received the freebies. Lucky, I’m feeling a little bit nicer today, so I’ll not dwell on the mishaps of their redemption. 

Anyhow, part of the perks of Samsung, which by the way is becoming our brand of choice, is the free BluPass access for six months. Unfortunately, being in the province, allows us to enjoy one rental per week only.

BluPass Card Blu-ray Blockbuster Promo. Naturally, the first movie rental is The Covenant. I need a dose of handsome warlocks! 😀 Have you seen this yet? It’s the boy version of The Craft. But I love that there’s a great deal of witching powers here. 😀
The BluPass allows us to enjoy free Blu-ray rentals. It can be access via the Tradeport portal. Albeit, the BluPass site takes a while to load, it must be that there are hundreds of Blu-ray titles to load.
The rental and return per se are done online.  #I-love-online-services! 
Deliveries and pickup are all free. Love it! 😀

We have the Green Lantern on hand, it was delivered yesterday. Next up is another 3D movie. I have to say that 3D is IT! Although, you don’t necessarily have to get a 3D movie to watch it in 3D per se, the TV has a way of turning Hi-Def/Blu-ray regular movies into 3D. But the level of details, depth, etc. with a 3D movie is really spectacular. We didn’t see Green Lantern in 3D, so the whole experience last night was aaaamazing! To note though, that we use a Samsung 3D Blu-ray disc player to watch the 3D movies. ;-D But yes, HD/Bluray copies can be seen in 3D too. We’re guilty of watching copies too, but oh my, thanks to Samsung, we’re turning over a new leaf! 😀

I noticed that I’m sounding like Bubba Gump here…3D, 3D, 3D. So sorry, but I’m so wowed! ;-D  Have you tried BluPass yet? I wonder how many movies can you do in a week, if you’re Manila-based. 😀

Updates: There is now a way to rent two movies every time, by a referral promotion. I hope that you’re now compelled to buy a any Samsung Entertainment Package with a Blu-ray Player, so you get  your very own Blupass membership, please just don’t forget to quote me as your referral. ;-D

A8872J my referral code! 😀


  1. @Angel: Awww, thanks! 🙂 Aim for something bigger and better, go for both!!! Vacations + Gadgets …for the win! :)@Jane: As in, can't contain…3D, 3D, 3D :)@Gie: Go for it! 🙂 @Meadowly: I took EC off. But I'm sure dropping by your site regularly. 🙂


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