Instant Gourmet Vietnamese Coffee and More Supermarket Finds

How’s your Monday so far? Ours is love! ;-D I don’t want to dwell into a lot of details, but we got the initial lab test results of Chase, and they’re great. I’m recharged to face the week with a bright and sunny disposition, albeit some mishaps and hassles here and there. Anyhow, after picking up Chase from school, I decided to stop by the supermarket, Super 8. We don’t really need anything, we’re done with our month’s household shopping needs, but Chase & I are naturally shopaholic so even buying trivial things, or even window shopping, give us a sense of happiness. ;-D

These are some of the items that I think are worth sharing. Ceres Cranberry and Guava Juice/ W.L. Foods Yaahoo Biscuits in Chocolate and Peanut/ Q Cafe Good Morning Cafe, Hansel Premium Cheese Sandwich ( I didn’t know they have this now). ;-D

I’m thankful that Chase doesn’t mind drinking Cranberry Juice. Even the concentrate variant. Since he’s such a picky eater, I try to let him get his dose of fruits and vegetables in juices form. At least just for the mean time, until he gets old enough and develops a more outgoing taste preference.

Last time, I saw one shopper literally shoving these W.L. Foods Yaahoo Biscuits (yes, spelled Y.A.A.H.O.O.! ;-D) into her shopping cart. She bought all the Chocolate flavors even. So I was only able to try the Peanut variant. It’s quite tasty, and sells for less than Php 20 per pack.

And when I saw the Q Cafe Good Morning Cafe “3 in 1”, I just had to get it. I’m a die-hard-Nescafe Sugar Free 3 in 1-avid-drinker, but I just have to get a Vietnamese Instant Gourmet Coffee. When we went to Vietnam years ago, I hoarded The North Face bags and different brands of Vietnamese Coffee. I even have my own coffee phin to complete the whole Vietnamese cafe-style experience. Just in case, it’s a Vietnamese stainless-steel single cup coffee filter. So far, the Good Morning Cafe can fill up that craving for now. There’s another variant available which comes in a stronger and bolder taste. I’ll try that next time. I got a cup as soon as we arrived home. ;-D

How about you, any exciting supermarket finds lately? Please do share, I love to try them out. πŸ˜€


  1. Even i am kinda shopaholic and like you said, just a little window shopping would give me some sort of releif. And whenever i visit a store i make sure to have a chocolate icecream (a cone), i just love the taste of it. Recently i bought a tea powder which tastes a little spicy kind of. This tea powder is mostly liked by many people here in India.


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