It’s starting to feel a lot like Christmas! ;-D

Our Christmas tree is up for a while now. We got a bigger tree this time, but I’m still going all out for a kiddie-themed decors (Angels, Santa, Frosty, Rudolph, and the gang). ;-D Chase was excited to do it, so we put it up earlier, just in time for my hubby’s birthday.

Our Christmas Tree 2011… the latest photo I had was during my hubby’s birthday, hence for the balloons. ;-D
Christmas Angel Chase…our favorite Christmas decor yet…Chase’s Christmas artwork last school year. I wonder what he has in store for us this year. 
Snowman…and this too. ;-D
This is the third year we’re hanging this beautiful Christmas Ball…it’s a gift from Chase’s classmate back when he was in Pre-K in Noblesse. ;-D
A Santa Stuff Toy…since our tree is big enough, we just let him sit in one of the branch. ;-D

And last night, we had our first visit of Christmas Carolers. So yes, it’s truly starting to feel a lot like Christmas. ;-D December is even more special for me, because it’s my birth month too. ;-D

Christmas Carolers…and Chase. ;-D

How about you, what’s your theme for this season? Do you have a Christmas Eve’s Dinner Menu planned out?  ;-D Please do share. 


  1. Christmas is really in the air … the cool morning breeze is what I really love.The whole family is planning to attend the Misa De Gallo this year. I haven't attended this Misa De Gallo since I transferred here in Manila 19 years ago.Have a nice day.


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